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Spells, Fate (2nd Edition)

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Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Fate 1, Initiate
Interconnections Unveiling Potency Composure Empathy, Investigation, Medicine Reveal sympathetic connections, who has violated an oath or geas and spells with conditional duration
+1 Reach: Detect possession, supernatural mind control and alterations of destiny
+2 Reach: Discern information about a persons destiny
MtAw2 p134
Oaths Fulfilled Knowing Duration - Occult, Politics, Investigation Know when the subject breaks or fulfills an oath
+1 Reach: Also receive a brief vision of the subject when the oath is fullfilled
+1 Reach: Track the subject of the spell
+1 Reach: Trigger event may be something that could only be seen by Mage Sight
MtAw2 p135
Quantum Flux Compelling Duration - Crafts, Firearms, Occult Negate a number of penalties to your Mundane actions or wait a turn to receive a bonus to your next mundane action MtAw2 p135
Reading the Outmost Eddies Compelling Potency Composure Computer, Persuasion, Subterfuge Subject of spell receives a minor twist of fate positive or negative in 24 hours. Only hostile applications are Withstood
+1 Reach: Spell takes effect within an hour
MtAw2 p135
Serendipity Knowing Potency - Academics, Crafts, Survival Reveal what course of action will bring you closer to your goal
+1 Reach: When making a roll to achieve your stated goal, you may substitute the used Skill with another of the same type (Mental, Physical, Social)
+2 Reach: As above but may substitute any Skill
MtAw2 p135
Fate 2, Apprentice
Exceptional Luck Ruling Potency Composure Intimidation, Occult, Socialize Subject receives a boon or hex. A hex may be withstood
+2 Reach: Boon or hex can affect spellcasting rolls
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana. This spell can be cast reflexive
MtAw2 p136
Fabricate Fortune Veiling Duration - Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Conceal and falsify a subjects fate or Destiny. This can fool spells with conditional triggers. MtAw2 p136
Fools Rush In Ruling Duration - Athletics, Socialize, Streetwise Suffer no untrained skill penalties when facing a situation unprepared
+1 Reach: Also receive a dice bonus
+3 Reach: As above but bonus may apply to spellcasting rolls
MtAw2 p136
Lucky Number Ruling Duration - Investigation, Larceny, Science Guess the right password, phone number, etc. on the first try MtAw2 p136
Shifting the Odds Ruling Duration - Investigation, Politics, Subterfuge Find a particular kind of person, place or thing within 24 hours.
+1 Reach: Find desired object within an hour
MtAw2 p136
Warding Gesture Shielding Duration - Brawl, Occult, Subterfuge Protect a subject against supernatural effect that would alter her fate including supernatural compulsion. Subject may also be excluded form any area-effect spell you may cast
+1 Reach: Subject may be excluded from any spell/attainment you cast
+2 Reach: Subject may be protected from any supernatural effects that target an area instead of individuals
MtAw2 p136
Fate 3, Disciple
Grave Misfortune Fraying Potency Composure Intimidation, Occult, Weaponry The next time the subjects suffers damage, increase the damage MtAw2 p137
Monkey's Paw Weaving Potency - Drive, Crafts, Science Bless or curse an object altering it's equipment bonus
+1 Reach: Anybody who caries the item also receives a boon or a hex
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana. Bonus or penalty may exceed five dice
MtAw2 p137
Shared Fate Weaving Potency Composure Medicine, Persuasion, Politics Two or more subjects are bound together. Any damage, Tilt or Condition suffered by one will also affect the other
+1 Reach: Link is only one way
+2 Reach: Subject is not linked to any other subjects. Instead, she suffers any damage, Tilt or Condition she inflicts on others
MtAw2 p137
Superlative Luck Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Crafts, Occult Cost: 1 Mana, Gain the rote quality
+2 Reach: Rote quality may effect ritual spellcasting but this also doubles the casting time
MtAw2 p137
Sworn Oaths Perfecting Duration - Expression, Occult, Politics Supernaturally enforce a vow. Adhere to the oath and the subject receives a boon, break an she suffers a hex
+1 Reach: If spell control is maintained the mage is aware if the spell is a boon or a hex
MtAw2 p137
Fate 4. Adept
Atonement Unraveling Potency Countered effect's Potency Academics, Occult, Subterfuge If a subject is cursed can grant them a quest that, if fulfilled, will lift the curse. Stronger curses require greater quests
+1 Reach: Quest can be undertaken by another on the subjects behalf
MtAw2 p137
Chaos Mastery Patterning Potency Composure Empathy, Occult, Science Can realize complex possibility such as causing a 1.000 coins to turn up heads.
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana. This spell when used as an attack can deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p138
Divine Intervention Patterning Potency Resolve Intimidation, Occult, Subterfuge Replace one of the subjects Aspirations with a stated goal. Subject suffers ill luck when no pursuing this goal. This can also be reversed causing bad luck only when pursuing the goal MtAw2 p138
Strings of Fate Patterning Duration Resolve Academics, Persuasion, Stealth The mage can encourage a specific event to befall the subject. The event will come pass when circumstances allow. If the subject's cooperation is required opportunities for this event to come to pass will appear once a week.
+1 Reach: Opportunities appear once a day
MtAw2 p138
Sever Oaths Unraveling Duration Composure Occult, Subterfuge, Weaponry Can have a variety of effects such as freeing a bound ephemeral entity or dispelling a conditional trigger
+2 Reach: Spell's effects are lasting
MtAw2 p138
Fate 5, Master
Forge Destiny Making Duration Composure Intimidation, Occult, Persuasion Mage can grant the subject a supernatural merit or increase and decrease an existing one. Mage can impose Aspirations, Obsessions or a Doom on the subject MtAw2 p139
Pariah Unmaking Potency Composure Investigation, Medicine, Politics Turns the whole world against the subject
+1 Reach: Mage can adjust the sensitivity of the curse
MtAw2 p139
Miracle Making Potency - Academics, Persuasion, Subterfuge Mage gains a number of Intercessions that can be spend reflexively to increase/decrease dice pools or to cause likely events to happen on command
+1 Reach: Spend one Intercession and Willpower to cause a low-probability event to pass
+2 Reach: Spend one Intercession, Willpower and Mana to let the incredible come to pass
MtAw2 p140
Swarm of Locusts Making Duration - Intimidation, Occult, Science Create chaotic conditions that cause Environmental Tilts of player's choosing on the area. This spell is a breaking point for most Sleepers MtAw2 p140