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Spells, Forces (2nd Edition)

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Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Forces 1, Initiate
Influence Electricity Compelling Duration - Computers, Crafts, Science Operate or shut down electrical devices MtAw2 p140
Influence Fire Compelling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Guide flames along a particular path
+1 Reach: Increase or decrease the size of a flame
MtAw2 p140
Kinetic Efficiency Compelling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Run faster, jump further or lift more MtAw2 p141
Influence Heat Compelling Duration - Occult, Science, Survival Control the flow of heat in an area. Can protect against heat- or cold-related Environments up to level 2(see p.244)
+1 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 3
+2 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 4
MtAw2 p141
Nightvision Unveiling Duration - Investigation, Science, Stealth Suffer no penalty form dim to no light. Bright lights can inflict the Blind Condition
+1 Reach: No longer risk the Blind Condition from sudden bright lights
MtAw2 p141
Receiver Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Science Hear sounds outside normal human frequency MtAw2 p141
Tune In Knowing Duration - Computers, Empathy, Science Become able to see and listen to data transmission MtAw2 p141
Forces 2, Apprentice
Control Electricity Ruling Duration - Crafts, Computers, Science Alter the flow of a current or decrease it, but you cannot increase it. Direct a buildings electricity to one outlet, or divide the power from one outlet to many other sources MtAw2 p142
Control Fire Ruling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the heat or size of a fire MtAw2 p142
Control Gravity Ruling Duration - Athletics, Occult, Science Cause gravity to pull upwards or horizontally MtAw2 p142
Control Heat Ruling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the temperature of an area this may cause an Extreme Environment MtAw2 p142
Control Light Ruling Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Can focus or disperse light, and alter its wavelength on the spectrum
+1 Reach: Can create a mirroring effect or a complete black-out which causes the Blinded Tilt or provides substantial cover
MtAw2 p142
Control Sound Ruling Duration - Expression, Stealth, Science Amplify or dampen sound, can also influence the direction of sound. Loud sounds can cause the Deafened Tilt in combat
+1 Reach: Create an echoing effect which imposes a penalty to stealth rolls
+1 Reach: Gain a bonus to hearing-based perception rolls
MtAw2 p142
Control Weather Ruling Duration - Academics, Science, Survival Make changes to the weather may create an Extreme Environments up to level 4
+1 Reach: Weather changes are more gradual
+2 Reach: Required for more drastic changes
MtAw2 p143
Environmental Shield Shielding Duration - Occult, Science, Survival This spell gives resistance to any Conditions and Tilts caused by the environment MtAw2 p143
Invisibility Veiling Duration - Larceny, Science, Stealth Make a subject invisible MtAw2 p143
Kinetic Blow Ruling Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Unarmed attacks gain a bonus
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down Tilt
+1 Reach: Apply the Stunned Tilt
+1 Reach: Spell can affect held weapons
+2 Reach: Spell affects thrown weapons but can also grant bullets Armor Piercing
MtAw2 p143
Transmission Ruling Duration - Crafts, Expression, Science Hijack existing signals and change the transmitted data or its destination
+1 Reach: The signal becomes "encrypted" only specific actions will allow somebody to read them
MtAw2 p144
Zoom In Ruling Duration - Investigation, Science, Survival See distant objects or better examine small ones
+1 Reach: See clearly for miles
+1 Reach: Clearly examine dust-sized particles
+1 Reach: No longer suffer penalties form atmospheric conditions
+2 Reach: Clearly see microscopic particles, even molecular bonds
MtAw2 p144
Forces 3, Disciple
Call Lightning Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Can call lightning from an existing storm which may be created with "Control Weather". MtAw2 p144
Gravitic Supremacy Fraying/Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease gravity MtAw2 p144
Telekinesis Weaving Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Use telekinetic force to lift or manipulate an object remotely. Potency is applied to either Strength or Dexterity the remaining stat becomes 1
+1 Reach: Divide Potency between Two of the Three Physical Attributes
+2 Reach: Divide Potency between any of the Three Physical Attributes
MtAw2 p144
Telekinetic Strike Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilt
MtAw2 p145
Turn Momentum Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science When applying defense against an object this spell may be used, causing the object to be deflected in an uncontrolled direction though it never reverses direction
+1 Reach: Spell can be used as an reflexive action
+1 Reach: Mage has control over where the object is deflected, sol long as the new direction is within 90 degrees of the original arc
+2 Reach: Objects direction can be completely reversed Ranged weapons hit their users
Add Time 1: Use a Reach, you can now turn objects too fast for you to apply defense against
MtAw2 p145
Velocity Control Fraying or Perfecting Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Increase or decrease an objects speed MtAw2 p145
Forces 4. Adept
Electromagnetic Pulse Unraveling Potency - Crafts, Computers, Science By Unraveling electricity in the Subject this Creates an EMP that snuffs out powered devices in the affected area. Military devices may be shielded. Magical devices require a Clash of Wills. If used on a Living being this acts as an attack spell MtAw2 p145
Levitation Patterning Duration Stamina Athletics, Science, Survival Levitate a subject, if unwilling the spell is withstood. You may direct the levitation each turn as an instant action. Without the mages focus the subject simply stops and floats in midair
+1 Reach: Subject retains momentum form turn to turn, floating slowly in whatever direction it was last directed in
+1 Reach: Subject can fly freely, apply defense normally and a speed equal to the mage's Gnosis+spell's Potency
MtAw2 p145
Rend Friction Patterning Potency - Crafts, Drive, Science Increase or decrease friction. Increases can cause lethal damage. Decreases cause objects to move after they normally would have stopped MtAw2 p145
Thunderbolt Patterning Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, spell deals aggravated damage
MtAw2 p146
Transform Energy Patterning Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Transform one type of energy into another of the same level
+1 Reach: May decrease the level of transformed energy by one. This Reach can be applied multiply times
+1 Reach: Split one type of energy into two others
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, increase the level of transformed energy by one
MtAw2 p146
Forces 5, Master
Adverse Weather Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create Extreme Environments of nearly any kind up to level 4
+1 Reach: Can create weather drastically different from the local conditions
MtAw2 p146
Create Energy Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create any type of energy form nothing, including sunlight and radiation MtAw2 p146
Eradicate Energy Unmaking Potency - Intimidation, Science, Survival Explosively destroy energy, if used on a creature the spell is instantly fatal MtAw2 p146
Earthquake Making Potency - Crafts, Science, Survival Apply damage to all structures within the affected area. Buildings made to withstand earthquakes subtract their Durability MtAw2 p147