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Spells, Life (1st Edition)

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Life 1, Initiate
Analyze Life 180 M:tA Discern species, age & sex of plant or animal Intelligence + Survival (plants) or Animal Ken (animals) or Medicine + Life Covert
Cleanse the Body 180 M:tA purge yourself of toxins Stamina + Medicine + Life Covert
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Life spells Composure + Occult + Life Covert
Forgo Rest 110 FC go for longer without sleep Resolve + Crafts + Life Covert
Healer's Trance 181 M:tA gain understanding of a subject's condition Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Pulse of the Living World 181 M:tA Mage Sight Wits or Intelligence + Medicine or Science + Life Covert
Sense Life 181 M:tA detect living presences in the area Wits + Animal Ken + Life Covert
Life 2, Apprentice
Body Control 182 M:tA assume control of autonomic processes Wits + Athletics + Life Covert
Bread Alone 64 TotM create edible food from inedible organic matter Wits + Survival + Life Vulgar
Control Base Life 182 M:tA control insects, lesser amphibians, ect Manipulation + Animal Ken + Life Covert
Evidence Shroud Matter 2 65 TotM destroy biological/physical traces Wits + Investigation + Life / Matter Covert
Heal Flora and Fauna 182 M:tA heal lesser creatures and plants Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Organic Resilience 183 M:tA Shielding Stamina or Resolve + Athletics + Life Covert
Purify Bodies 183 M:tA purge others of toxins Intelligence or Wits + Medicine + Life Covert
Puissant Skill 195 Myst gain Rote Quality to a Physical Skill Dexterity + Medicine + Life Covert
Self-Healing 183 M:tA heal yourself of Bashing and Lethal damage Dexterity or Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Self-Purging 183 M:tA purge yourself of diseases Stamina + Medicine + Life Covert
Simulate Basic Needs 57 Ban remove effects of hunger and fatigue Stamina + Survival + Life - Stamina Covert
Sustenance Spirit 2 140 (x)● GoG sustain body on food from Dreamtime Resolve + Survival + (Lowest of Spirit or Life) Vulgar
Transfer Base Features 184 (x) M:tA copy features from one Base to another Intelligence + Animal Ken or Survival + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Transform Base Life 184 (x) M:tA alter lesser creatures into new forms Intelligence or Resolve + Animal Ken or Survival + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Visions of the Living World 185 M:tA grant Mage Sight Intelligence or Manipulation + Animal Ken or Survival + Life Covert
Life 3, Disciple
Banish Plague 185 M:tA purge others of diseases Wits or Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Body Mastery 195, 32 Myst, GoG heal faster, live longer, resist toxins Stamina + Occult + Life Covert
Chemical Imbalance 65 TotM intoxicate target Manipulation + Empathy + Life - Stamina Covert
Control Median Life 185 M:tA dominate the will of lesser mammals, reptiles, insects Presence or Manipulation + Animal Ken + Life Covert
Curse of Predation 138 s TotM item crafting, curse Presence + Crafts + Life Covert
Degrading the Form 186 (x) M:tA degrade your physical attributes Stamina or Resolve or Presence + Athletics + Life - Stamina Vulgar
Enforced Silence opt Mind 3 188 GotV prevent target from speaking Resolve + Medicine + Life vs Stamina + Gnosis Covert
Feral Reflex Mind 3 180 AA use greater of Wits or Dexterity for Defense Wits + Animal Ken + Life Covert
Gaia's Hold 180 (x) AA entangle target with plant life Wits + Science + Life Vulgar
Healing Heart 186 M:tA heal others of Bashing or Lethal Composure or Resolve + Medicine + Life Covert
Honing the Form 186 (x)● M:tA increase one physical attribute Resolve + Athletics + Life - Stamina Vulgar
Image of Striking Beauty Mind 2 197 SL make self more attractive, but still recognisably oneself Presence + Expression + Life Covert
Induce Vertigo 58 Ban disorient and dizzy target with a touch (n/a) - Stamina Covert
Inflict Agony 191 SotT gain successes on Interrogation attempt per success on casting Strength + Intimidation + Life Covert
Metabolic Suspension Time 3 196 (x)● Myst make self immune to toxins/disease Stamina + Survival + Time or Life Vulgar
Organic Shield 187 M:tA grant Shielding Intelligence or Presence + Medicine + Life Covert
Palsy 189 (x) GotV reduce target's Dexterity Composure + Medicine + Life - Stamina Vulgar
Physical Reconfiguration opt Mind 1 198 SL grant oneself temporary Physical and Mental Merits Resolve + Subterfuge + Life Covert
Scent of Nature 139 GoG mask scent as natural to prevent animals from attacking Wits + Animal Ken + Life Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Thyrsus only) call an Atavism from the Primal Wild, with difficulty Covert
Transfer Median Features 187 (x) M:tA copy features from one median to another Intelligence + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Transform Median Life 187 (x) M:tA alter the form of mammals, fish, reptiles, birds Intelligence + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Transform Self 187 (x)● M:tA gain features of mammals, fish, reptiles, birds Stamina + Athletics + Life Vulgar
Trigger Autonomic Function 196 Myst activate bodily functions in touched target Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Two Faces 188 (x) M:tA change cosmetic features Wits + Subterfuge + Life Vulgar
Verminous Metamorphosis Matter 3 200 M:tA transform inanimate object into swarm of creatures Wits or Intelligence + Animal Ken + Life Vulgar
Life 4, Adept
Accelerate Healing 180 (x)s AA spend Mana to heal Bashing or Lethal Damage Stamina + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Animal Degradation 188 (x)● M:tA degrade Physical Attributes of median life Resolve + Animal Ken + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Animal Minion 188 (x) M:tA dominate body of medium creatures Presence + Persuasion + Life vs. Resolve Covert
Bind the Wayward Body Space 1 124 (x)● MT lock a target into an area Manipulation + Persuasion + Life vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Contagion 188 M:tA create a sickness or disease Resolve or Intelligence + Medicine + Life Covert
Control Reactions Mind 2 189 GotV cause dramatic emotional response Manipulation + Empathy + Life Covert
Doppelganger 188 (x) M:tA alter physical features dramatically Intelligence + Subterfuge + Life Vulgar
Enfeeblement 189 (x)● M:tA degrade one of target's Physical Attributes Strength or Presence + Intimidation + Life Vulgar
Hone Another's Form 189 (x)● M:tA grant bonus to one of target's Physical Attributes Intelligence + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Life Force Assault 190 (x) M:tA inflict Lethal damage Dexterity + Athletics + Life - Stamina Vulgar
Many Faces 190 (x) M:tA change target's cosmetic features Manipulation + Subterfuge + Life vs. Composure + Gnosis Vulgar
Perfect Mask Mind 3 190 (x) GotV imitate another perfectly Manipulation + Stealth + Life Vulgar
Shapechanging opt Matter 4/5 190 (x)● M:tA transform to animal shapes; might lose self in new midset Stamina + Animal Ken + Life Vulgar
Skilled Triumph 197 Myst gain Rote Quality to Physical Skills Strength + Athletics + Life Covert
Supreme Honing 190 M:tA gain bonus to multiple Physical Attributes Resolve + Athletics + Life Vulgar
Sustain Body 22 (x)● AR make up for lack of food and water Stamina + Athletics + Life Vulgar
Transform Other 191 (x) M:tA give target features of median or base life Presence + Animal Ken + Life vs. Stamina + Gnosis Vulgar
Trigger the Lizard Brain 191 M:tA control instincts of human Manipulation or Wits + Intimidation + Life vs. Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Uplift the Species 191 (x) M:tA change base to median life Intelligence + Medicine + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Venom 56 LHP create deadly toxins Resolve + Medicine + Life vs Stamina Covert
Life 5, Master
Animate Humunculus 151 (x) TotM animate components of humunculus Intelligence + Occult + Life Vulgar
Create Life 191 (x)● M:tA create complex biological organism Resolve + Animal Ken + Life Vulgar
Evolutionary Shift 191 (x) M:tA change base or median to human Intelligence + Animal Ken + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Fantasia 192 (x)● M:tA alter existing life in dramatic ways Intelligence + Academics + Life Vulgar
Ghastly Metamorphosis 30 (x)● TotM transform other to animal shape while inflicting Lethal damage Strength or Presence + Animal Ken + Life Vulgar
Greater Shapechanging opt Matter 4/5 192 (x)● M:tA transform self and others to animal shapes safely Stamina + Animal Ken + Life vs. Stamina + Gnosis Vulgar
Hereditary Change 192 (x)● M:tA alter living beings permanently Intelligence or Resolve + Medicine + Life vs. Stamina Vulgar
Human Minion 193 (x)● M:tA dominate human bodies Manipulation + Pursuasion + Life vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Multitudinous Form 140 (x)● GoG transform into a swarm of insects Intelligence + Animal Ken or Survival + Life Vulgar
Regeneration 193 (x)● M:tA regrow severed limbs Intelligence + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Ultimate Degradation 193 (x) M:tA lower multiple Physical Attributes of target Strength + Athletics + Life vs. Resolve + Gnosis Vulgar
Ultimate Honing 193 (x)● M:tA grant bonus to other's multiple Physical Attributes Presence + Medicine + Life Vulgar
Vital Balance Death 4 33 (x)● GoG slow aging dramatically Intelligence + Occult + Life Vulgar
Life 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Life spells Unlisted
Life 8, Archmastery
Proxy 39 IM create living sub-souls Unlisted
Life 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana Unlisted