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Spells, Prime (2nd Edition)

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Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Prime 1, Initiate
Dispel Magic Compelling Potency Arcanum rating of the subject spell’s caster Athletics, Intimidation, Occult Temporarily suppress or destroy an active spell
Add Fate 1: Selectively suppress spell
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 165
Pierce Deception Unveiling Duration - Investigation, Medicine, Occult See through falsehoods magical and mundane
+1 Reach: Get a sense of the actual truth
MtAw2 p 165
Supernal Vision Unveiling Potency - Empathy, Occult, Survival Perceive the Supernal properties of a subject
+1 Reach: Perceive the non-Supernal magical properties of a subject
MtAw2 p 166
Sacred Geometry Unveiling Duration - Academics, Occult, Survival Reveal ley lines and nodes
+1 Reach: Reveal Hallows
Add Death 1 or Spirit 1: See Avernian Gates or Loci as well.
MtAw2 p 166
Scribe Grimoire Compelling Potency Total Arcanum dots of all Arcana used in the spell being scribed Crafts, Expression, Occult Create a Grimoire full of Rotes
+1 Reach: Make the Grimoire Lasting
MtAw2 p 166
Word of Command Compelling Potency - Craft, Occult, Persuasion Bypass triggers to activate magical effects
Add Any Other Arcanum 1: Add another Arcanum to activate magical effects and objects created by other sources of power
MtAw2 p 166
Prime 2, Apprentice
As Above, So Below Ruling Duration - Academics, Occult, Politics Empower Yantras with 9-Again on spellcasting rolls
+1 Reach: Make it 8-again
MtAw2 p 166
Cloak Nimbus Veiling Duration - Politics, Stealth, Subterfuge Veil Nimbus and emotional state of auras. Attempts to see are subject to a Clash of Wills. Immediate Nimbus does not flare unless the caster chooses to. Signature Nimbus viewed by Mage Sight provokes Clash of Wills. Flaring or imprinting your Nimbus will immediately end this spell
+1 Reach: Make your Nimbus appear lesser. For every Reach you may lower any of Gnosis, Mana or Arcanum to a desired lower false Trait value
MtAw2 p 167
Invisible Runes Ruling Duration - Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion Leave message in High Speech only visible to Mage Sight. Alteration or overwriting of these messages provokes a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 167
Supernal Veil Veiling Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival Veil supernatural phenomenon including spells. Peripheral Mage Sight will fail to detect, active attempts cause a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 168
Wards and Signs Shielding Duration - Intimidation, Occult, Survival When subject is target of a spell apply Potency as Withstand rating. Spells used near but not directly at the target are not Withstood by this spell MtAw2 p 168
Words of Truth Ruling Potency - Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion All subjects of the spell can hear and understand the caster regardless of distance, noise or language barriers. Subjects feel what the mage says is true, but this effect only works on statements the mage knows are true. May remove one Door or improve impression level by one per Potency MtAw2 p 168
Prime 3, Disciple
Aetheric Winds Weaving Potency - Athletics, Expression, Occult Attack with shrieking aetheric wind
+1 Reach: Create Heavy Winds Environmental Tilt
+1 Reach: Destroy target's Mana instead of dealing damage
MtAw2 p 168
Channel Mana Weaving Potency - Occult, Politics, Socialize Move Mana equal to Potency between vessels(mages, Hallows, etc). This cannot exceed Gnosis-derived the Mana per turn limit though
+1 Reach: Ignore Mana per turn limit for this spell
MtAw2 p 168
Cleanse Pattern Fraying Potency - Investigation, Occult, Stealth Remove the dramatic failure of a focused Mage Sight Revelation. This spell will also remove a mage's Signature Nimbus form the subject MtAw2 p 168
Display of Power Weaving Duration - Brawl, Occult, Socialize Imagos become visible to all forms of Active Mage Sight
+2 Reach: For one Mana all attempts to Counterspell gain the Rote Quality
MtAw2 p 168
Ephemeral Enchantment Weaving Duration - Crafts, Occult, Weaponry Subject becomes solid to any and all Twilight entities
+2 Reach: For one Mana, if the subject is a weapon it will inflict aggravated damage to one specified Twilight entity. Every additional entity costs one Mana
MtAw2 p 169
Geomancy Weaving Duration - Academics, Expression, Occult Move ley lines within the area of effect. May also change the Resonance Keyword of a Node MtAw2 p 169
Platonic Form Perfecting Potency - Academics, Crafts, Expression *Cost 1+ Mana* - Create a simple Tass object or tool of Size 5 or less from Mana. Durability is 1 and contains one Mana. Potency may be allocated to the following effects: Increase Durability by +1, Increase Mana capacity by +1, If a tool add +1 equipment bonus though each use of the tool now uses one up Mana. When all Mana is used up the object crumbles. If the spell expires any unused Mana will be lost
+1 Reach: If a tool it gains the 8-Again
+2 Reach: Effect is Lasting(Still crumbles if all Mana is expended or absorbed)
MtAw2 p 169
Stealing Fire Perfecting Duration Resolve Expression, Larceny, Persuasion Temporarily turn Sleeper into a Sleepwalker. Breaking points from magic will hit only when the spell expires MtAw2 p 168
Prime 4. Adept
Apocalypse Patterning Duration Resolve Occult, Persuasion, Socialize Grant a Sleeper the ability to see what a Mage sees
+1 Reach and Add Any Other Arcanum 1: Add the Arcanum to the granted Sight.
MtAw2 p 169
Celestial Fire Patterning Potency - Athletics, Expression, Occult MtAw2 p 170
Destroy Tass Unraveling Potency Durability Brawl, Intimidation, Occult Successful casting destroys Tass. Mana form the tass is not destroyed but released into the world likely to the nearest Hallow MtAw2 p 170
Hallow Dance Patterning Potency Hallow Rating Expression, Occult, Survival Suppress an active Hallow or awaken a dormant one. Rousing requires Potency equal to the Hallow's rating. Dampening reduces the Hallow's dot rating by Potency, if it falls to zero or less the Hallow is rendered dormant
+2 Reach: For one point of Mana the effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Supernal Dispellation Unraveling Potency Arcanum rating of the subject spell’s caster Athletics, Intimidation, Occult Success suppresses target spell for Supernal Dispellations Duration
Add Fate 1: Selectively suppress spell
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Prime 5, Master
Blasphemy Unmaking Potency Hallow Rating, if applicable Athletics, Occult, Survival Sever the connection to the Supernal in an area
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Create Truth Making Duration Hallow Rating Expression, Occult, Persuasion Cost 5 Mana per Potency. Create Hallow with rating equal to Potency, Hallows cannot have a rating above 5
+2 Reach: For 5 Mana the effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Eidolon Making Potency - Academics, Crafts, Occult Like "Platonic Form" but can create animate Tass. May spend Potency on an additional effect: Grand the mage a dot of the Retainer Merit. Construct will obey it's owners command, any mage can claim ownership by marking it with his Nimbus
Add Forces ●●●: The Construct is not Obviously Magical
Add Mind ●●●●●: The Construct may be given a mind of its own.
(P. 165 for details)
+2 Reach: The effect is Lasting(Tass still crumbles if all it's mana is spend) || MtAw2 p 171
Forge Purpose Making Duration Resolve Empathy, Expression, Medicine Subject gains one of the caster's Obsessions. If subject is a mage already possessing the maximum number of Obsessions this spell causes a Clash of Wills. If successful replace one of these Obsessions
+1 Reach: Can grant a wholly new Obsession
MtAw2 p 171
Word of Unmaking Unmaking Potency Merit rating or Durability Intimidation, Occult, Weaponry Destroy a magical item, but not artifacts
+2 Reach: Item explodes violently, roll the item Merit rating or Durability. Anyone within 1 yard per dot suffers lethal damage per success
MtAw2 p 171