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Spells, Restricted (1st Edition)

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These spells are described as being "restricted" to Storyteller characters or are based on special circumstances not normally available to players. For instance, only Banishers can cast the "Imbue Animal" spell due to it's effect on morality, and only those with exposure to a particular Exarch-aligned Artifact can use "Ring Sight". They are included here as examples of effects at particular Arcana levels.

Abyssal Perception Prime 1 Death 1, Spirit 1, Space 1 77 GoG perceive presence of Abyssal phenomena
Goetic Inversion Mind 3 107 IEwtA resist Virtue with Abyssal side effects
Hollow Victory Death 3 54 (x)● Ban kill yourself
Call Shadow Person Death 3 Mind 3, Spirit 3 78 (x) GoG summon a nasty spirit creature
Imbue Animal Prime 3 Life 3 62 (x)s Ban imbue living creature with spells (Banishers only)
Ring Sight Any 1 24 RotE reveal Exarch influence, must have prior experience to cast
Undying Zeal Death 4 Time 2 55 (x)● Ban kill yourself at a later point, then rise as a Revenant