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Talens (1st Edition)

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Name Description Reference
Bitter Brew When consumed, Bitter Brew grants the drinker a +2 to his Speed for one hour. The Rage 135
Blast Pod Lights a target on fire. War Against the Pure 53
Blindwolf Cloth Blinds the user and -1 to smell. Used during the Fear of the Dark ritual provides +1 WP Tribes of the Moon 181
Bloodscent Tooth A shark's tooth; can be activated to cause the smell of blood in an area. Lodges the Faithful 68
Bloodwort Bag Heals 1 lethal wound. Lore of the Forsaken 153
Broken Sand Sand that acts like broken glass. -3 to chasers foot race and they take a lethal Tribes of the Moon 110
Cahalith’s +2 to all Persuasion rolls as long as it remains in the user’s thumb, or until the scene ends. Thorn Lore of the Forsaken 151
Churning Smoker Target must immediately roll Wits + Resolve. Failing that roll means the target vomits suffering a –2 penalty to the Wits + Resolve roll. Greater templates suffer no such penalty The Rage 135
Decay Dust Causes a corpse to decay in one turn. Forsaken 205
Dedication Cologne Dedicate items for 12 hours. Tribes of the Moon 110
Dye of Shame Hide Pure Renown Scars with Forsaken ones. The Pure 131
Ephemeral Shots Bullets hit non manifested ghosts and spirits. Tribes of the Moon 44
Face of Blood Any denizen of the Hisil suffers -1 to attack the user. The Pure 131
False Hunt Stones Leaves a false scent trail of the owner. The Pure 131
Fire Hammer +2 Str for non combat actions Lodges the Faithful 71
Footsteps of the Dead Highlights the foot steps of any undead. Lore of the Forsaken 153
Gift of Madness When blown in the face of a victim, she must make a Resolve + Primal Urge roll versus the spirit’s Power (5–7 dice) or be affected by a Phobia (wolves) for the scene Blasphemies 80
Ghost Salt Glows in the presence of ghosts or in contact with an anchor. Tribes of the Moon 75
Ghost Sticks Incense that lets you interact with twilight like it was physical. -1 to interact with actual physical. The Rage 190
Heart of the Wounded Bear +1 Physical actions for the scene, must be placed in a wound and ends early if fully healed. Lore of the Forsaken 151
Heritage Tooth Arrow head +3 to american born or changed supernatural. Blasphemies 88
Hide Paper -4 to be observed/noticed when using the talen. Lore of the Forsaken 153
Keep-Your-Distance With a brawl attack knock the target back 3 yards per success. Make a roll for the target to keep standing. War Against the Pure 53
Moon’s Allure WP is +3 to resist lunacy. Forsaken 205
Myalarm Fall off alerting you if anything is stolen from your person. Lasts 1 year. Lore of the Forsaken 153
Obituary Creates an obituary of the corpse with some useful information. Tribes of the Moon 75
Running Rabbit Break the object to send a spirit to go get help from the werewolf protector. Blood of the Wolf 127
Sallow Bark Tea Drink to ignore up to 2 wound penalties for one hour Lodges the Splintered 142
Salmon’s Wisdom When eaten, they give the Uratha +2 on all rolls involving Wits for three turns. Lore of the Forsaken 151
Shadowdust Glows in contact with awakened items or fetisehs. Lore of the Forsaken 150
Shibboleth Drops Will not be absorbed by the pelt of a Pure. Lore of the Forsaken 157
Silver Dust Silvers a weapon for 3 turns. War Against the Pure 53
Skinner Mask Wear the living persons skin to look like them. Blasphemies 144
Soundthrower Throw 3 seconds of sound to a another close location. From a whisper to a yelp in volume. Lore of the Forsaken 151
Storm Arrow Hit target with arrow and deal damage. In addition target rolls Wits + Resolve and on a fail receives a -2 to their next action. Forsaken 205
Sucker’s Tell Witnesses to this fetish being burned gain curse of Rage for one hour freeing the werewolf to do more actions. Tribes of the Moon 147
Tea of Fourteen Precious Jewels Purifies the water steeped in and staves off a mild derangement for 8 hours. The Rage 19
Tell-Tale Spirit bird carries a 5 word message to your target. War Against the Pure 53
Tooth Soap Object of Size 5 or smaller, the talen reduces that object’s Durability by 1 until the soap lather dries The Rage 135
Valetvalise Pull an outfit out of the bag, from normal clothes to tuxedos. Lore of the Forsaken 153
War Draught Ignore 1 wound penalty and add 1 to attacks. Tribes of the Moon 43
Whistling Arrow For three turn a target hit with this arrow further attacks on the victim are at +1. The Rage 191
Wisp Gum Stick chewed gum to an object that makes smoke only the user can see for two miles. The Rage 135
Wolf’s Nose +2 to sense of smell. Blood of the Wolf 127
Wolfsbane Werewolf not in death rage reverts to human form if they fail wits+ composure. Forsaken 205
Wound-Binders Temporarily heal 1 lethal for the scene. These come back at the end of the scene. War Against the Pure 53