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Token Rating Description Drawback Catch Book
Ace in the Hole Worn card that reinforces locks against the next lockpicking. Accept a future dramatic failure at Dexterity. Tear up the card. CTL 2e 225
Driver's Little Helper Charm or automotive tool that removes untrained Drive penalties and reduces the exceptional threshold from five to three. Vehicle overheats after a scene. Carjack the vehicle. CTL 2e 226
Golden Hairnettle Hair accessory that adds +1 to Presence rolls and can render one subject Swooned. Hanging -2 penalty to go unnoticed. An altruistic favor for another. CTL 2e 226
Hedgespun Items • to ••••• Miscellaneous glamorous accouterments with enhanced Durability, equipment bonus, or Initiative and Speed benefits. Impossible to go unnoticed. Chafing or fiddly for non-fae. CTL 2e 225
The Seeing Stone Stone with a viewing hole that identifies supernatural beings. Shaken by fear. Share an important secret with someone. CTL 2e 224
Book of Things Strange and Wondrous •• Tome of strange knowledge. Roll Intelligence + an appropriate Mental Skill to research any subject, with exceptional threshold reduced from five to three. The book's next user knows what you used it for. To reverse the advantage of a superior rival. CTL 2e 226
The Ghost Waltz •• Recorded music which confuses and disorients Hedge ghosts. Shaken by fear. Openly sing along. CTL 2e 226
IOU •• Paper certificate which can be exchanged to defer the claiming of Goblin Debt. Distrust among Hedge denizens. Sign your name in lasting blood. CTL 2e 226
Arisaema ••• Long knife which confers +3 to Dodge in deadly circumstances. Successful close combat Dodges poison the assailant. Spooked. Roll a Dexterity or Wits exceptional success. CTL 2e 227
Red Shoes ••• Exchange +2 to Presence and Dexterity rolls for -2 to Strength and Manipulation. Must roll Strength + Athletics to remove, and spend Willpower to resist activating. Three bashing damage. CTL 2e 227
The Soul-Compass ••• Cheap old compass that points the way to a changeling's Icon. Lose your way when you get there. Suffer lethal damage from drawing blood. CTL 2e 224
Blood Pennon •••• Banner which suppresses changeling wound penalties and reduces the exceptional threshold on attacks from five to three when displayed. Rallies your enemies to reprisal. Shed blood, inflicting lethal damage and Berserk. CTL 2e 227
Silver Thread •••• Torn pieces of Helldiver tethers, which oathbound fae may use to pull one to the location of the other. Provokes Resolve + Composure rolls to resist attempts to steal it from you. Scream what you're doing. CTL 2e 228
The Auroch's Horn ••••• Gilded horn that blasts open all Hedge gateways for a mile. Attract the attention of Huntsmen. Impale your tongue, becoming temporarily mute. CTL 2e 225
Crown of Thorns ••••• Thorned coronet which confers compulsory powers to steal supernatural energies, issue magical commands, attempt to cast others into the Hedge, or inflict lethal damage to all present. Suffer a breaking point. Deactivating the Crown early inflicts Madness. Incur Goblin Debt. CTL 2e 228