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Tribes (1st Edition)

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Tribe Vow Patron Books
Forsaken Tribes Urdaga
Blood Talons
Suthar Anzuth
"Offer no surrender that you would not accept."
Followers of Destroyer Wolf, the Blood Talons focus on the raw potency of the Uratha, encouraging growth as warriors and primal beings.
Destroyer Wolf
WTF p84,Rage p14,Tribes p16
Bone Shadows
Hirfathra Hissu
"Pay each Spirit in kind."
Followers of Death Wolf, the Bone Shadows focus on the spirituality of the Uratha, concerning themselves with the Hisil and its inhabitants.
Death Wolf
WTF p87,Rage p28,Tribes p52
Hunters in Darkness
"Let no sacred place in your territory be violated."
Followers of Black Wolf, the Hunters in Darkness focus on the sanctity of Uratha interests, guarding what is truly special from defilement and destruction.
Black Wolf
WTF p90,Rage p44,Tribes p86
Iron Masters
Farsil Luhal
"Honor your territory in all things."
Followers of Red Wolf, the Iron Masters focus on the adaptability of the Uratha, embracing the achievements of Man while attempting to keep balance.
Red Wolf
WTF p93,Rage p58,Tribes p120
Storm Lords
"Allow no one to witness or tend to your weakness."
Followers of Winter Wolf, the Storm Lords focus on duty inherited by the Uratha from Father Wolf, seeking to lead others in his noble image.
Winter Wolf Skolis-Ur WTF p96,Rage p72,Tribes p158
Ghost Wolves
Thihirtha Numea
Though they align themselves with no Firstborn and so are not really a tribe, the Ghost Wolves still swear the Oath of the Moon and are an important consideration when looking at the tribes. WTF p99,Rage p86
Pure Tribes Anshega
"Let not a false statement lay unchallenged."
Followers of Rabid Wolf
Rabid Wolf
The Pure p48
Ivory Claws
"Call no whelp of lesser blood your brother or sister."
Followers of Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
The Pure p67
Predator Kings
Ninna Farakh
"Touch not a thing made by human hands, lest to destroy it."
Followers of Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf
The Pure p86
Other Tribes
Bale Hounds
Asah Gadar
Followers of Soulless Wolf Blasphemies p112
Wolf-Blooded Families
Doirons, The BotW p113
Pickerings, The BotW p115
Rios, The BotW p117
Rosewood Clan, The Blasphemies p67
Village of Fountainhill, The Blasphemies p67
Other Shapeshifters
Baal-Hadad WAtP p215
Balam-Colop Blasphemies 96
Brineborn, The WAtP p201
Colony, The WAtP p187
Distant Ones, The WAtP p194
Unclean, The WAtP p208