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Tribes (2nd Edition)

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Tribe First Tongue Hunt Focus Gifts Description Book
Tribes of the Moon
Blood Talons Suthar Anzuth Werewolves Inspiration, Rage, Strength Merciless, elemental apex predators WTF 2e 34
Bone Shadows Hirfathra Hissu Ephemera Death, Elements, Insight Students of the Shadow who balance the scales of flesh and spirit WTF 2e 37
Hunters in Darkness Meninna Hosts Nature, Stealth, Warding Stalkers who guard and memorize every facet of their territory WTF 2e 40
Iron Masters Farsil Luhal Humans Knowledge, Shaping, Technology Cunning shepherds who adapt to flow with the herd WTF 2e 43
Storm Lords Iminir Ridden Evasion, Dominance, Weather Hard-willed leaders who hold both themselves and others to strict standards WTF 2e 46
Pure Tribes
Fire-Touched Izidakh Apostates Elemental, Insight, Inspiration, Rage Zealous, fervid priests of the Shadow DEC 78
Ivory Claws Tzuumfin Bastards Death, Dominance, Knowledge, Warding Exploitative blood purists punishing sins of the father DEC 78
Predator Kings Ninna Farakh The complacent Nature, Rage, Stealth, Strength Savage predators who reject any delicacy as weakness DEC 78
Ghost Wolves Thihirtha Numea Personal values None Tyros and iconoclasts who reject or are ignorant of Uratha cultures WTF 2e 49