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Second Edition
Atavism Description Book
Cyclopean Strength Lift or move any object of Size up to your Size increased Lair times over. Automatically succeed at feats of strength. BTP 124
Starving Attack with any object you can lift as an improvised weapon.
Expenditure Gain your Lair dots in automatic successes on Strength actions.
Looming Presence Increase your effective Size by Lair without growing in volume. Take the rote quality to Intimidation. BTP 127
Starving Penalize attacks against you by "smaller" opponents by half your Lair. When you strike, contest Presence + Intimidation against Resolve + Composure to inflict Beaten Down.
Expenditure Double the Atavism's Size bonus. +10 Speed factor.
Mimir's Wisdom Perfect recall. Sense when others deceive you or your senses. Once per session, intuit information relevant to a problem at hand. BTP 127-128
Starving Mental Skills take the rote quality when leveraged to feed your Hunger, and reduce unskilled penalties to -1. When you meet someone, intuit something compromising about them.
Expenditure For 24 hours, distribute your Intelligence and Lair dots among temporary dots of Mental Skills and Library.
Terror’s Friend Whenever the Beast succeeds on a roll that is resisted or contested by an opponent, he gains the Shaken Condition, or the Frightened Condition if the Beast achieved an exceptional success. BPG 88
Starving Allies within (Lair dots x 10) yards of the Beast can choose to add 2 dice to rolls for the remainder of the scene, but gain the Spooked Condition.
Expenditure Foes within (Lair dots x 10) yards of the Beast whose Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance (if any) is less than or equal to the Beast’s Strength + Intimidation rating must flee the battlefield or gain the Beaten Down Tilt.
Titanic Blow Ignore up to your Stamina + Lair in Durability when striking objects. BTP 131
Starving Ignore all Durability. Arrest the momentum of struck objects up to twice your Size.
Expenditure Cause a quaking shock that deals Strength + Lair in Structure damage. Bystanders roll Dexterity + Athletics - Lair to avoid being Knocked Down and taking bashing damage.
Vengeful Earth Beast can make melee attacks inflicting bashing damage against targets up to (Lair dots x 2) yards away with destructive wave of earth. If damage exceeds the victim’s Dexterity, he suffers the Knocked Down Tilt. BPG 88
Starving Everyone within (Lair dots x 2) yards of the Beast suffers the Earthquake Tilt.
Expenditure Beast can summon massive limbs of earth and control them as she would her own arms and legs. The limbs are strong — add Lair dots to the Beast’s Strength. They can reach anywhere within (Lair dots x 4) yards.
Death of Light Dim all light within a radius equal to (Lair dots x 10) yards, imposing –2 dice on all rolls requiring vision and Defense-2 on opponent. BPG 83
Starving Dazzling and confusing victim on Presence + Occult.
Expenditure Horror consumes all sources of light the area with a radius equal to (Lair dots x 10) yards per turn, for (Lair dots) turns.
Dragonfire Roll Dexterity + Athletics - Defense as a flame attack with a Lair weapon rating. Immunity to fire, heat and smoke. BTP 124
Starving Make autofire flame attacks.
Expenditure Inflict aggravated damage with your next flame attack.
From the Shadows Disappear from notice when still or moving in a crowd, even on recordings. BTP 125
Starving Take the rote quality to Stealth actions. Jump to the head of Initiative on the first turn of combat.
Expenditure Disappear from notice for the scene. Clash of Wills against supernatural senses.
Limb from Limb Inflict Arm or Leg Wrack when an attack's damage exceeds the target's Stamina. Rip and tear when you strike a kill. BTP 127
Starving Unarmed attacks take a weapon rating of your Lair.
Expenditure Inflict aggravated damage with your next attack.
Relentless Hunter Accelerated healing times. Add Lair to resist toxins. Stay awake longer without fatigue. BTP 129
Starving At the end of a scene, downgrade twice your Lair in damage. When pursuing your Hunger, ignore need for food, drink, and sleep.
Expenditure Heal either all non-aggravated damage or your Lair in aggravated. Immunity to incapacitation.
Shadow Stalker Devour and replace a victim's shadow. Eye contact is not required to use Nightmares on her. BPG 86
Starving Possibility to use Atavisms while in shadow form, though watchful onlookers may notice.
Expenditure Detach from the victim for (Lair) turns. Possibility to switch between shadow and material forms at will.
Alien Mindset Penalize rolls to question or manipulate the Beast by Lair (supernatural attempts require a Clash of Wills). An dramatic failure from the opponent's part inflicts him with the Confused Condition BPG 82
Starving Gain an additional Legend of your choice. Can provide false information to any attempt to guess your Legend, Life, Aspirations or Hunger (supernatural attempts require a Clash of Wills).
Expenditure Gain an additional Hunger of your choice for the remainder of the scene.
Doppelganger Crafting a doppelganger of unconscious victim from her preferred materials on extended roll of Wits + Medicine – Stamina. BPG 84
Starving Beast experiences what her doppelgangers sense.
Expenditure Control doppelganger while Beast lies unconscious.
Enemy Within Shapeshift into someone one previously saw. If you fed from the victim, you gain a bonus to this roll equal to your Lair. BPG 84
Starving Roll Manipulation + Empathy vs. a target's Composure + Subterfuge to intuitively get the right cues and informations to avoid breaking cover.
Expenditure This effect costs 1 Satiety per scene to maintain. Forensic evidence left by the Beast is indistinguishable from her victim's. You can replicate any non-supernatural Skills of the victim, up to (Lair) dots.
Alien Allure Apply Lair dots like Striking Looks. Good first impression. BTP 123
Starving Roll social exceptional successes on a threshold of three. Inflict the Charmed Condition through Soft Leverage.
Expenditure Temporarily gain Fame or Status up to your missing Satiety. Ignore up to your Lair in Hard Leverage penalties.
Heart of the Ocean Breathe underwater, swim at twice Speed, and add Lair as a bonus to underwater actions. Ignore darkness, cold, and pressure. BTP 125
Starving Sense nearby prey for your Hunger.
Expenditure As an instant action, blight an area for a matter of hours with crushing pressure that wears away at structures.
Monster from the Deep Ignore Defense up to half your Lair. Sacrifice Defense to Stun or Knock Down when striking. BTP 128
Starving Make unarmed attacks with a 2L weapon rating. All-out attacks Knock Down and push the opponent away.
Expenditure Make an area attack with Brawl, ignoring Defense. Area grapples take Lair as a weapon rating.
Ravenous Maw Can consume anything that fits in her mouth, regardless of danger. For harmful substances, she reduces the hazard by (Stamina + Lair dots). She suffers no ill effects if this reduces the danger to 0. BPG 86
Starving Can consume Size up to (her own Size + Lair, maximum 10). The Beast spends one turn swallowing per Size.
Expenditure Beast become grotesque maw. The Beast initiates a grapple and adds Lair dots to roll. Each turn, the victim can only try the Break Free or Damage moves (BtP, p. 165). The Beast can choose Break Free or Damage moves (inflicting lethal damage), or can use a special move to disgorge the victim into his Lair. Beast adds Lair dots to this roll, while the victim adds her Supernatural Tolerance to resist.
Siren's Treacherous Song Mimic sounds with your voice. Take Lair as a voice bonus to social rolls. BTP 130
Starving Contest Manipulation + Persuasion against Resolve + Tolerance to compel listeners to follow, applying your Lair as a Perception penalty.
Expenditure Roll Presence + Expression - Stamina to use your voice as a Lair weapon rating, ignoring Armor and deafening victims.
Smashing Currents Full Defense to all melee attacks and never reduces Defense against multiple attacks. Increase Defense by one when facing fewer opponents than her Lair dots. BPG 88
Starving Apply her Defense against ranged attacks, and downgrade autofire by one step.
Expenditure Tendrils bludgeon attackers, making reflexive unarmed combat attacks of 2 Bashing damage against anyone within (Lair dots x 10) yards who strikes at her.
Basilisk's Touch Drug or poison a target with a touch. BTP 123-124
Starving Increase the severity of the drug or poison by your Lair.
Expenditure Incapacitate the target.
Infestation Expose yourself as an aggregate swarm being to hold your breath and slip through any passage at least a foot wide. BTP 125-127
Starving Take bashing damage from firearms and edged weapons. Sacrifice Defense to inflict your Lair in lethal damage when struck.
Expenditure Discorporate into a fully mobile swarm.
Plague Bearer

With a touch victim is infected with a non-fatal disease. If in combat, the victim suffers the moderate version of the Sick Tilt. Outside of combat, the victim suffers a disease (BtP, p. 171) with Severity equal to Lair dots that inflicts bashing damage equal to Lair per interval of (12 – Lair ) hours. The victim must achieve (Strength + Lair dots) consecutive successes to overcome the disease. The Beast can infect a number of victims equal to her Lair at once.

BPG 86
Starving Within (Lair dots) yards around Beast is Stamina + Resolve – Lair - if fail suffer disease as per the normal effect. Victims gain Confused, Fatigued, or Lethargic Condition. If near the Beast longer than (Stamina) turns, she must test for infection again. An exception-al success renders her immune for the remainder of the scene.
Expenditure Everyone within (Lair dots x 10) yards of the Beast must succeed in a Stamina + Resolve – Lair dots roll or gain the Pestilence (Asymptomatic) Condition.
Shadowed Soul See in darkness or while blinded. Merge with shadows at will. BTP 129-130
Starving While shadowed, perceive through any contiguous darkness.
Expenditure For a scene, instantly travel between shadows.
Skin Deep May manifest modifications equal to half her Lair dots(round up). Each one takes an instant action to draw through her flesh, or force to recede. BPG 87
Starving Summon each modification as a reflexive action, though it still takes instant actions to force each one to recede
Expenditure Beast gains (Lair + 3) dots to distribute between Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina — at least one dot must be allocated to each. At the end of the scene the Beast gains the Fatigued Condition
Unbreakable 3/2 Armor. Ignore Arm and Leg Wrack. BTP 131-132
Starving 4/3 Armor, ignoring minimum bashing damage.
Expenditure For a scene, 4/3 Armor even against aggravated damage, ignore bashing damage, and reduce lethal damage from weapons to bashing.
Caught in the Webs Victim lose Lair/2 of Dexterity. If Dex = 0, then victim get's Immobilized Tilt. BPG 83
Starving Physical actions inflict Bashing damage equal to Dexterity penalty.
Expenditure Snare circles (2 x Lair dots) yards. Possible to dogde. Bashing damage equal to Dexterity penalty.
Crushing Coils Adds Lair dots to any roll for resistance against opposition. BPG 83
Starving Any force trying to break the hold of Beast is negated.
Expenditure Beast can crush things with his bare hands.
Illusion of Safety Analyze the entry points of a place, at the rate of (Lair*2) rooms per turn. Rolls to enter those rooms acquire the rote quality. BPG 84
Starving Mark a door or window to make it impassable, requiring a physical instant action to get through.
Expenditure Turn a portal into a Burrow to the Heart of your Lair, for max. (Lair) Turns.
Eye of Heaven Study a subject as an instant action to assess their Anchors, Aspirations, negative Conditions, state of injury, or supernatural boons or weaknesses. BTP 124-125
Starving Studying a subject establishes a surprise attack.
Expenditure Take the rote quality on an attack against the subject.
Lightning Strike Moving up to (Lair dots x 10) yards to attack. Victim must check to see if is surprised. Beast adds Lair dots to the Dexterity + Stealth roll. BPG 85-86
Starving May instantly move up to (Lair dots x 10) yards from her victim.
Expenditure If attack inflicts damage, Beast can move to another victim within (Lair dots x 10) yards and attack again. Only one attack per victim.
Needs Must Add Lair as a Perception bonus. Sense nearby prey for your Hunger. BTP 128-129
Starving Mark prey to track it automatically, contesting with the rote quality.
Expenditure Mark anything as when Starving. Once daily, temporarily borrow your mark's senses.
Storm-Lashed Immunity to weather effects. Roll Dexterity + Athletics - Defense to buffet with wind. BTP 130-131
Starving Your presence attracts storms. In a storm, roll Wits + Occult - Defense to direct lightning with a Lair weapon rating.
Expenditure Inflict a storm with an extreme environment rating up to your missing Satiety.
Weakness Exposed Physical assaults reduce armor by one per successful attack. Social maneuvers strip away two Doors on a success, or four Doors on an exceptional success. If the Beast achieves an exceptional success on a contested mental action, her opponent loses a point of Willpower and gains the Confused Condition. BPG 88-89
Starving When the Beast fails an “attacking” roll — whether combat, Social maneuvering, or another roll resisted by the target — her Horror adds its Power as bonus dice to her next roll.
Expenditure For the remainder of the scene, the Beast ignores armor or other protections. Each attack that deals damage also inflicts the Stunned Tilt.
Wings of the Raptor Triple jumping distance. Glide at twice Speed. Attacks from above add every ten feet drop as a weapon rating. BTP 132
Starving Sprint up any surface as an instant action.
Expenditure Roll Stamina + Athletics for a burst of full flight.