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Second Edition
Arcana Name Description Ref
One Dot Attainments
All Counterspell Clash of Wills (Gnosis+Arcana) to counter a spell of that Arcana. Costs ● if countering higher than your current rating. MTA 2e p192
Two Dot Attainments
All Mage Armor Various protective effects MTA 2e p193
Death Eyes of the Dead Peripheral Mage Sight reacts to ghosts, can see ghosts and souls in Twilight with Active Death Sight. Can spend ● to interact with them for a scene MTA 2e p193
Fate Conditional Duration Create condition under which spells end, in exchange for bonus to Duration. Costs ● to use MTA 2e p193
Forces Precise Force If using a full turn to hit an object can get bonuses to rolls and ignore Durability. MTA 2e p193
Life Improved Pattern Restoration Can spend ● to heal 1 Bashing, or ●● to heal 1 Lethal. Scouring Physical Attributes does not affect derived stats MTA 2e p194
Matter Permanence Can spend ● to get Advanced Duration on Matter spells rather than Reach MTA 2e p194
Mind Mind's Eye Peripheral Mage Sight reacts to Geotia, Astral entities and other projections in Twilight. Active Mage Sight can see them. Can spend ● to interact with them for a scene MTA 2e p194
Prime Universal Counterspell Can use Counterspell on any spell. Can spend ● to target the least Arcana of that spell rather than the greatest MTA 2e p194
Space Sympathetic Range Can cast spells using sympathetic range MTA 2e p194
Spirit Spirit Eyes Peripheral Mage Sight reacts to spirits in Twilight. Can spend ● to interact with them for a scene MTA 2e p194
Time Temporal Sympathy Can cast certain Time spells on the past of a subject MTA 2e p194
Three Dot Attainments
All Targeted Summoning Specify a second Arcana that a summoned being should possess, at a cost of an additional ● MTA 2e p194
Four Dot Attainments
Death Inviolate Soul Spend ● to Clash of Wills any attempt to tamper with your soul, influence Nimbus or Aura, or try to possess you MTA 2e p195
Fate Unbound Fate Spend ● to Clash of Wills any attempt to forcibly bind you with magical oath, contact or geas, supernatural compulsion or change your destiny MTA 2e p195
Forces Environmental Immunity Spend ● to be immune to Environmental Tilts or Extreme Environments for a scene MTA 2e p195
Life Body Autonomy Spend ● to Clash of Wills any attempt to alter your body with supernatural powers, be targeted by any power that would injure you or be the subject of an attack that inflicts a Personal Tilt MTA 2e p195
Matter Durability Control Spend ● to raise or lower Durability of an object up to Matter dots for a scene MTA p195
Mind Intuitive Leap Spend ● when you roll three or more successes on a Social or Mental roll to make it Exceptional and place a Condition on the subject MTA 2e p195
Prime Imbue Item Can make items that contain spells MTA 2e p196
Space Everywhere Can spend ● instead of using Reach for Advanced Scale MTA 2e p196
Spirit Honorary Rank Gain equivalent Rank as a Spirit equal to Spirit dots. Can spend ● to reduce a Spirit's Doors by 1 MTA 2e p196
Time Time in a Bottle Can spend ● instead of Reach for Instant Casting Time MTA 2e p196
Five Dot Attainments
All Create Rote Generate a new Rote. Casting a Rote that you created gives you Rote Quality on the roll. MTA 2e p196
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item