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Devotions (1st Edition)

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Name Prerequisites XP Cost Description Source
22 Solid Protean •• Resilience •• 12 Downgrade lethal damage to bashing. Carth 195
Abdo Cordis Auspex ••• Mortualia ••• 16 ○+ Removes a subject's heart, putting them in torpor but granting immunity to staking and diablerie. OD 199
Arcane Sight Auspex •• Crúac • 10 Perceive the flow of magic, vampiric or otherwise VtR 150
Appalling Lure Majesty •••• Phagia ••• 21 Create a mystic pattern with dead limbs, entrancing and luring those who see it. B:tC 54
Army of One Auspex •••• Obfuscate •••• 30 Conjures a number of illusory companions. Carth 199
Aversion Curse Dominate •• Nightmare •• 12 Inflict a phobia on a victim. Carth 196
Beast's Own Obfuscate •• Animalism • 10 Suppress the Nosferatu clan weakness when interacting with animals. Sinners 95
Behind the Throne Majesty •• Obfuscate •• 12 May activate Awe, but make the wielder someone else. Carth 196
Beloved Pet Animalism •••• Protean •••• 25 Animates a deceased pet as an undead creature. B:tH 104
Blessing of the Captive Eye Obfuscate ••• Taurobolium • 12 Causes a mortal to appear on digital media as a vampire does, or a vampire to appear normally., for several nights. B:tL 62
Blood from the Boards Protean ••• Resilience •• 15 Spend a Willpower point when entering Haven of Soil; no need to pay Vitae to awaken from sleep. Gang 110
Blink Dominate • Vigor • 5 Inflicts a physical Command on a subject regardless of their resistance. Carth 200
Blood Shield Celerity •• Resilience ••••• Vigor ••• 39 ●+ ○○ Expel Vitae from skin; suffer only bashing damage from fire or sunlight. AM 73
Bobcat Climbing Protean • Vigor • 5 Significantly enhances climbing speed. Nomad 95
Body Colony Animalism ••• Dominate ••• Melissidae 18 Causes a colony of insects to grow within the body of a victim. B:tL 113
Body of Will Resilience ••• Vigor • 15 Ignore all wound penalties for activation success turns VtR 151
Bottled Command, The Dominate • Spoiling • 6 Create a potion which can issue a one-word command if consumed OD 206
Brute Cannot Betray Animalism •••• Obfuscate •• 15 Conceals a possession using Animalism •••• from any and all detection Carth 195
Butcher's Hook Auspex ••• Mekhet 6 ●● Can identify the blurred form of vampires captured digitally. Mek 108
Call of Courage Crúac •• Nightmare •• 12 - Compels all mortals in the area to confront the user. CoC 192
Camoflauge Protean •• Obfuscate •• 12 Add a penalty to all attempts to spot the user. Gang 112
Child of the Night Animalism • Beast Sense Investment 6 - Sense the presence of lesser animals. BB 142
Churchtower Gaze Nightmare •• Majesty •• 10 Can cause crowds to fearfully look on the user in awe. B:tH 93
Claws of Amphisbaena Amphivena ••• Protean ••• 15 Amhphivena and Protean ••• may stack. CoC 192
Cleansing Impression Auspex ••• Obfuscate ••• 15 Erase all psychic impressions from an object. Carth 192
Compel Spirit Dominate •• Essentiaphagia •• 12 ●●/E Can use the first two dots of Dominate on a ghost as if it were mortal. OD 199
Consent of the Magna Mater Taurobolium •• Majesty • 9 ●●○ Creates Vitae which can be used for only one purpose: creating an unusual form of ghoul which is eerily beautiful, unnerving, and sterile. If not fed, this ghouls becomes a mortal again. B:tL 61
Court Concurs, The Majesty ••• Auspex •• 15 May add extra dice to support the social actions of another Kindred. Naditu
Cutting of the Strings Auspex ••• Obfuscate •• Initiation (Moirai) • 15 Penalizes attempts to divine information about the user. Mek 109
Dauntless Spirit Nightmare • Resilience • 8 Once activated, the user may add their Nightmare dots to resist Nightmare powers. Carth 193
Defiant Child Celerity •• Fortitude •• Vigor •• 18 ●/night A male vampire can sire children, and female vampires can bear the children of a mortal. NH:TWD 155
Destructive Might Vigor •••• Resiliance ••• 30 ●●● Gain 2 points of stacking armor, unarmed attacks deal aggravated damage and ignore two points of armor or durability. AM 75
Discerning Palate Animalism •• Belial's Feast Investment 9 Learn information and memories from consumed human or Kindred flesh. BB 142
Disquieting Mien Majesty • Master's Will Investment 6 Unleashes the Beast within Kindred and mortals alike, granting a penalty to all Composure rolls for one scene. BB 143
Dodona Auspex •••• Dominate •••• 24 Preserves skill levels above five dots prior to torpor, so that they might be recovered upon reattaining sufficient potence without cost. B:tC 25
Draught of Revelation Majesty •• Spoiling •• 10 ●● Inflicts a great tongue-loosening on any who consume this potion, as if affected by Revelation. OD 207
Encode Vitae Auspex ••• Meminisse • Mnemosyne bloodline 12 ○●+ Encode memories into Vitae, which when fed to a ghoul may be recalled by feeding. Mek 109
Encode Vitae (alt) Auspex ••• Obfuscate •• Status (Ordo Dracul) • 15 ○●+ Encode memories into Vitae, which when fed to a ghoul may be recalled by feeding. Mek 109
Enliven the Flesh Taurobolium •• Majesty •• Obfuscate •• 18 ●● For several nights, causes the subject to appear many years younger. B:tL 52
Exegesis Auspex •••• Dominate •• 18 - Ritually prepare a member of the Agoniste bloodline to dream lucidly in torpor. B:tC 24
Eyes of Blood Auspex • Spoiling • 6 Creates a potion which forcibly expands the senses of whomever consumes it. OD 207
Eyes of the Beast Auspex • Celerity • 6 Once activated, may add Auspex rating to Initiative rating. This stacks with the addition to Initiative Rating from Celerity. NH:TWD 95
Eyes of the Dragon Auspex •• Coils • 10 Can determine which, if any, Coils of the Dragon a subject has in use OD 199
Eye of Shiva Auspex •••• Dominate •• 18 - Paralyzes a victim, wracking them guilt for their most regretted sins AB 58
Faking It Obfuscate ••• Majesty • 15 May grant the illusion of mastery at a particular skill, chosen when taking the devotion. B:tL 127
Flesh of Iron Protean •••• Resilience 12 Slows the character significantly when active, but gains Resilience dots as armor. Nomad 95
Fool the Sleeping Beast Obfuscate ••• Resilience ••• 21 ●+ ○ Spend any number of Willpower Dots, increase effective Humanity by that amount for the purposes of determining the length of Torpor. AM 75
Forced March Celerity •• Resilience •• 12 ●+ Run at full speed allowed by Celerity for several hours. Carth 197
Free Your Blood Vigor ••• Blood of Beasts Impaled 15 If suffering from wound penalties, can be activated to increase max Vitae/turn by one OD 200
Gargoyle's Might Protean ••••• Resilience ••• 27 Activate prior to slumber, literally become a stone statue, immune to environmental effects and sunlight. AM 75
Gimme 50 Dominate •••• Obfuscate ••• 20 ○+ Modifies Conditioning to make the subjects favorable as subordinate soldiers. Carth 198
Glimpse of the Abyss Nightmare •••• Obfuscate •••• Enter Torpor Once 27 Force the nightmarish hallucinations one experiences in torpor on another. AM 75-76
Glory of Ra, The Auspex ••••• Majesty ••••• 30 ○○ Project an illusory double which can walk beneath the sun, and awe all onlookers with it's glory. AB 171
Guardian Vigil Auspex • Celerity • Resilience • 10 Prevents the user from being surprised. Carth 197
Hair Trigger Celerity •• Resilience • Quicken Sight devotion 15 ●/turn Add Celerity dots to dexterity. Carth 198
Hekau Auspex •••• Crúac ••• 18 Learn the details of difficult problems faced by those in the vicinity. CoC 193
Hidden Agenda Dominate •• Obfuscate •••• 24 ●○ Mesmerize (as per the discipline) a group of people, all the while disguising it as normal conversation or speech. AM 76
Hidden Master, The Dominate ••••• Protean •• 21 Binds a ship, such that any who come aboard are inflicted with Domination. B:tC 64
Hive Induction Animalism ••••• Dominate •••• Melissidae 21 ●●●●●○○○ ●●○ Imbues a hive mind effect on mortals or ghouls; can communicate telepathically with any member and the queen can possess any of them. Drones are extremely ineffective at mental and social tasks, and this is obvious to all who see them. B:tL 113
Hive Nexus Gestalt Auspex ••••• Dominate •••• 24 Creates a hive mind, with a number of benefits and drawbacks. Carth 194
Honeycomb Heart Animalism ••• Resilience •• Melissidae 12 ●● Develops an insect hive within the user's body; Counterfeiting life in any way is not possible for the duration of the inhabitation. B:tL 113
Hounds of Blood Animalism ••• Resilience • 15 Enchants a dog with the ability to hunt, consume, and store Vitae, and to return to its master with its bounty. Ventrue 110
Husk Celerity • Vigor • 6 ●/turn Rapidly drain the blood from a victim, but the resulting Kiss is not pleasurable and cannot be licked. Carth 191
Ignore Dominate • Resilience • 9 Gain a bonus to resistance based on Resilience. Carth 200
Immutable Mind Dominate • Resilience • 8 Once this devotion is activated, the user may add their Dominate dots to resist Dominate powers. Carth 192
Indomitable Aura Dominate ••• Resilience •• 15 Exudes an "undefeatable" aura, granting bonuses to intimidate and penalties to attackers. B:tH 105
Instant Adoration Majesty ••• Celerity • 12 May activate Entrancement as a reflexive action. Carth 201
Instantaneous Transformation Protean •••• Celerity •• 18 Use a transforming power as a reflexive action VtR 151
Iron Muscles Resilience • Vigor • 8 ●● Add Vigor dots to Resilience for one scene, but cannot activate Vigor for the mean time. Carth 201
Iron Facade Obfuscate •• Resilience •• 10 Renders it impossible to determine the extent of the user's wounds. VtR 151
Knowing the Stranger Auspex •••• Obfuscate •••• 21 Allows the divination of and information about who "The Familiar Stranger" will assume the form of. VtR 150
Langour's Denial Resilience ••• Vigor ••• 24 Stave off torpor for a number of nights equal to resolve. AM 77
Lessons in the Steel Resilience ••• Auspex • 12 After suffering a melee attack, this devotion will inform the user of the attacker's combat capabilities. VtR 151
Liquid Memory Dominate ••• Spoiling ••• 15 Creates a potion which instills specific memories in those which consume it. OD 207
Love Like Blood Dominate •• Resilience •• 10 When activated, wound penalties are applied as bonuses to Dominate rolls against Kindred. Nomads 96
Makeover Obfuscate •• Majesty • - Grants the appearance of looking much more beautiful than one truly is. B:tL 129
Man to Beast Protean •••• Animalism • Dominate • 21 Reduces a subject's mental and social abilities to that of an animal. B:tH 105
Manteia Auspex ••• Celerity • Obfuscate • 15 (NOTE: Also requires Initiation (Moirai) •••) Grants an augury into a future event, granting bonuses when acting to make it take place. Mek 110
Mask of the Beast Obfuscate •••• Animalism • 15 For one scene, all humans perceive the user as if they were an animal. Nomads 96
Masked Blood Obfucsate •• Blood Seeps Slowly 6 - The character's blood cannot be identified by taste. OD 200
Medusa's Scales Amphivena ••• Resilience ••• 15 Grant temporary armor. CoC 193
Memory Theft Auspex •••• Dominate ••• 28 Rip memories from the minds of the unwilling. AM 77
Mercurial Form Protean ••••• Auspex • Majesty • 27 ○, ●+ Shift dots from one attribute to another, equal to blood potency. AM 78
Mesmeric Taint Majesty ••• Predator's Allure Investment 12 - Causes the Predator's taint to inflict Entrancement on lesser potence vampires instead of fear frenzy. BB 143
Message, The Dominate •• Auspex •• 10 - Enchants a messenger, such that the recipients of the information will know whether or not they have received the true message as intended by the original master. Ventrue 109
Message in a Bottle Auspex ••• Dominate •• 15 Can encode a message in an object that may be retrieved with Auspex ••• Carth 191
Messenger's Blessing Dominate ••• Resilience • 15 ●+ Bless a messenger, such that all those who would make an attack against them must overcome the master's will. Ventrue 109
Methusaleh Effect, The Auspex ••••• Majesty ••••• Obfuscate •••  ? - (NOTE: Also requires Initiation (Moirai) •••) Grants immunity to the Fog of Ages; however, torpor lasts longer, and this devotion is forgotten upon awakening. Mek 110
Mock Mind Auspex •••• Dominate ••• Melissidae  ? ●● Can create a 'false' personality to instill in drones. B:tL 115
Monster's Call Majesty •••• Protean • 15 ●○ The user's Beast reaches out to the Beasts of other Kindred in the area, and they respond NH:TWD 95
Night Life Majesty • Vigor • 10 ●○ May activate all forms of the Blush of Life for an entire night. Dae 118
Oath of Blood Knives Auspex •• Dominate •• Protean • 10 Swear an oath, inflicting damage upon oneself if broken, that may be released by the one sworn to. Inv 179
Occulted Spirit Auspex ••••• Obfuscate •• 15 Costs a willpower dot to activate, but the Twilight Projection cannot be detected by any means. Carth 194
Palinode Auspex •••• Dominate ••• 21 Seals away memories of a subject before they enter torpor, preserving them from clouding due to sleep. B:tC 24
Partial Transformation Protean •••• Resilience • 15 Allows the assumption of only a single physical trait of a form the user can assume. VtR 152
Picture Perfect Obfuscate •••• Majesty • 33 ●● Create a picture which carries the Awe effect on all who see it. Dae 118
Playing the Part Nightmare •• Obfuscate •• Majesty • 15  ? Gain social dice equal to successes for the remainder of the scene; do not trigger Predator's Taint Nosferatu 107
Poisoned Chalice Dominate •••• Majesty •• 18 Instills a mortal vessel with a Majesty effect, triggered if the vessel is consumed by a specific designated target. Nomads 96
Preemptive Reflex Celerity ••••• Auspex • 24 ●● Instantly defend against and/or move away from a single physical attack or threat. AM 78
Predator's Camouflage Majesty • Obfuscate •• 9 The user is indistinguishable from a normal, living person for number of turns equal to successes rolled. Does not affect how the vampire appears in mirrors and other reflective media. NH:TWD 95
Predatory Growl Dominate •• Animalism • 7 The user growls, and all animals who hear it keep a fearful distance. Nomads 97
Quicken Sight Auspex • Celerity • 5 Visually track extremely fast moving objects. VtR 152
Quicken the Slumbering Vitae Celerity •• Vigor •• 13 Can store blood in a solidified state. B:tH 94
Regeneration Protean •••• Resilience •••• 24 ●●●●● Rapidly recover aggravated damage. Carth 198
Rejected Malady, The Vigor •• Resilience • 9 ●○ Purge oneself of all toxins and poisons. AB 140
Repulsive Mein Obfuscate •••• Nightmare •• 18 Inflicts significant penalties on all those who would act against the user. AB 140
Restoration of Things Lost, The Meminisse •••• Auspex ••• Mnemosyne bloodline 21 - Restores lost memories, but potentially inflicting derangement. Mek 110
Rhino's Hide Protean •••• Resilience •• 20 Grants one point of armor per success on activation. Carth 197
Rime of Salt Protean ••• Resilience • 12 - Activated when immersed in sea water, allows Claws of the Wild to inflict crippling pain on victims. B:tC 63
Ritual of Nourishment, The Auspex ••• Obfuscate • 12 Summons a Reflection of a vampire, potentially learning its secrets. Mek 111
Repulsive Vapor Protean ••••• Nightmare • 18  ? Transforms into a mist which mortals and Kindred alike must roll to enter. RfR 119
Royal Jelly Dominate • Resilience • Melissidae 5 - Inflicts penalties versus addiction on those who drink the user's vitae B:tL 112
Sample the Earth Auspex •• Protean •• 10 Can determine whether or not a given area is a Wyrm's Nest, and its nature. OD 200
Sanctum of Fear Nightmare •• Protean •• 12 Improves Haven of Soil power to cause gnawing fear in those in the area. Nomads 98
Sanguine Stance Majesty •••• Auspex •• 18 ●○ Force a torpid vampire to briefly converse with the user, for a number of turns equal to occult. AM 79
Sanguine Strength Spoiling •-••• Vigor •-••• 6+ ●● Creates a vigor potion; different potency are effectively different devotions. OD 208
Scent of the Beast Animalism ••• Auspex ••• 20 Tracks a vampire one has encountered before, so long as the trail is only one day old. Higher potence vampires are easier to trace. Nomads 98
Searing Wind Celerity ••• Nightmare ••• 18  ? Inflicts penalizing pain on a pursuer during a foot chase. RfR 118
See the Reflected Form Protean •••• Auspex •• 12 Sense shapeshifting abilities of a subject. Carth 200
Seek the Brahmin Auspex •• Animalism/Dominate • 9 - Learn the 'pecking order' of a group of people or animals. AB 58
Shadow Heart Vigor ••• Nightmare •• 14 Can be used reflexively as a defensive measure to prevent a would-be staking B;tH 94
Shadow's Revelation, The Auspex ••• Majesty •• 15 Imbues an object with a particular emotion, forcing it on to the next person to interact with it. AB 170
Shout Dominate •• Celerity • 10 Affect a subject with Command or Mesmerize reflexively, without needing eye contact. Carth 200
Sleepwalker Insomnium ••• Dominate •• 15 Stores a latent command in a subject that they will perform next time they sleep. B:tH 19
Small Witness Auspex •• Animalism • Melissidae 6 Gains control over and the perception of a small stinging insect. B:tL 112
Soma Dominate •••• Auspex ••• Celerity • 24 Rituals prior to torpor allow the rate of potence lost over time to be adjusted, both up and down. B:tC 25
Song of Bonded Blood Auspex •••• Scent of Socius Investment 15 - Allows the telepathic transmission of messages to those with which the user's blood is connected in some way, such as family members, ghouls, etc. BB 143
Song of Serenity Majesty ••• Mimetismo •• 15 Sing a quiet song which instills relaxed apathy into a target. B:tC 35
Spirit Sight Auspex • Crúac • 5 - Grants the ability to perceive the spirit world at will. Mek 111
Stalwart Heart Majesty • Resilience • 8 Once activated, the user may add their Majesty dots to resist Majesty powers. Carth 192
Stalwart Servent Dominate •••• Resilience • 15 Instills a target with additional health levels for one scene as if they had the user's ranks in Resilience activated. Nomads 99
Sting Dominate •• Animalism •• Melissidae 18 Subject can take no actions, even speaking, for a number of turns equal to successes. B:tL 112
Strength from Pain Resilience ••• Vigor ••• Impaled 18 Can turn wound penalties into bonuses for a short time. OD 201
Sudden Strength Celerity • Vigor • 6 ●●/turn Add Celerity to Strength for one turn. Carth 201
Susurrus Celerity •• Auspex • 10 - May speak and comprehend extremely compressed speech. Naditu
Swarm Control Animalism •••• Majesty • 15 ●/night The user can tap into the hivemind shared by Larvae and become its master. NH:TWD 107
Syncope Auspex •••• Dominate •• 18 Stuns a Kindred target with eye-contact for one turn, granting visions of their coming nightmarish torpor. B:tC 24
Timed Message Auspex •••• Celerity • Majesty • 15 (NOTE: Also requires Initiation (Moirai) •••) Crafts a telepathic message that will be delivered to a mortal at a designated future time. Mek 111
Tears of Blood Majesty •• Stigmatica •• 15  ? Enchants religious iconography with the ability to steal Vitae from all who touch it. LS 56
This Awful Grip Nightmare • Vigor •• 9 Brawl attacks ignore durability and armor equal to blood potency Nosferatu 111
Torpid Awareness Protean •• Auspex • 9 Be aware of surroundings when sleeping in Haven of Soil. Carth 199
Torpid Awareness (Advanced) Auspex ••••• Protean •• 30 Project the spirit into twilight to observe the surroundings during torpor in a Haven of Soil. Carth 199
Touch of Deprivation Auspex •••• Dominate •• 21 Completely shut down one of a touched subject's physical or supernatural senses for one scene. VtR 153
Trackless Step Protean •• Celerity •• 12 For one scene, leaves no trace of passage. RfR 119
Transgression of Attis Taurobolium ••••• Obfuscate •••• Majesty •• 33 ●●●○ Allows a willing subject, who must spend a willpower point, to change their gender temporarily. A willpower a dot may also be spent to make it permanent. B:tL 63
Trans. of the Starved Stigmatica ••• Protean •• 20  ? Imbue a mundane liquid with the properties of Vitae LS 57
Undiminished Rage Animalism ••••• Protean • 18 Activated when exposed to a trigger for fear frenzy; on a successful activation roll may ride the wave instead of suffering from fear, or simply attack the source. B:tC 64
Undying Familiar Animalism •••• Protean •• 15 ●+ Subject an animal to a lesser form of the Embrace. Gang 115
Unflinching Eye Auspex • Resilience • 5 Protects the user from sensory overload when using Auspex • Carth 193
Unnatural Contortion Protean •••• Resilience • 15 May for one turn modify Size down to up to 2, or gain bonuses to escape bonds. Gang 116
Unseen Master Dominate ••••• Obfuscate •• 15 Conceals a possession using Dominate ••••• from any and all detection. Carth 195
Vitae Bloat Protean •• Resilience • 9 Activated when feeding, to consume and hold an additional quantity of Vitae up to Protean dots. Carth 193
Verdical Tongue Dominate •• Majesty •• 12 Renders a target incapable of lying for one scene. VtR 153
Warding Flesh, The Phagia •••• Nightmare •• 21 Imbue a flesh hide with the ability to inflict supernatural terror. B:tC 55
Wicked Grasp Nightmare •• Vigor • 9 With successful grapple the target goes last and is penalized by nightmare and strength dots in grapple. Nosferatu


Will to Endure Resilience •• Vigor •• Impaled 12 If the character has all health boxes filled in with wounds, can use this to regain willpower. OD 201
Witch Lights Nightmare •• Majesty • 9 Fills an area with distracting and disturbing unnatural sights and sounds. B:tH 95
Wolf Man Protean ••• Sublunario ••• 15  ? Partially take the form of a werewolf. SoM 105

E = Ectoplasm Cost (Essentiaphagia Discipline)

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item