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Disciplines, Coils of the Dragon (1st Edition)

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Banes VTR p149, OD p175
First Conquer the Red Fear better resist frenzy from fire and sunlight
Second Surmounting the Daysleep spend one Willpower to remain awake all day
Third Sun's Forgotten Kiss sunlight at twilight/dawn causes only Bashing
Fourth* Mortal Burns fire damage is downgraded to Lethal
Blood VTR p149, OD p175
First Blood Seeps Slowly reduce the amount of blood needed to wake
Second Blood of Beasts always be able to drink from humans and animals
Third Perspicacious Blood multiply received Vitae
Fourth* Orphaned Blood immune to blood ties to kin
Beast VTR p149, OD p175
First Chastise the Beast spend one Willpower to resist any Frenzy
Second Lure the Beast reduce cost, ease access to "Riding the Wave"
Third Exhaust the Beast undergo willing Frenzy to prevent in the future
Fourth* Saddle the Beast "Ride the Wave" at will
Flesh OD p175
First The Man Wakes Blood Potency is counted as two lower for Torpor
Second A Taste of Life reduce cost to emulate the living
Third The Face of Man allow hair and nails to grow, appear in mirrors at will
Fourth* The Bruise of Life heal Bashing damage as if Mortal
Soul OD p175
First Enliven the Face Humanity does not cap Social pools with Mortals
Second Salve the Mind reroll after failing for Derangement
Third Quiet the Soul spend a Willpower to ignore acquired Derangements
Fourth* Free the Beast commit vile acts under Frenzy without memory
Slumber AM p73
First Awakening the Beast add Blood Potency to rolls to awaken from Torpor
Second Planned Emergence may set trigger to automatically wake up from Torpor
Third Slumber's Conservation gain Vitae when waking up from Torpor
Slumber NH-IS p87
First Sleep of Early Years Humanity counts as 2 higher for Torpor duration
Second Denial of Morpheus all Torpor counts as voluntary
Third Stir the Blood Blood Potency is halved for Torpor Duration
Anoushka's Ladder OD p176
Pre: Must be a 2nd-Rung member of the Sworn of the Ladder, Must know 9 coils, Must have a humanity of 8 or higher to enjoy the benefit of these tiers
First Rise Above Thirst Humanity 8: wake with less Vitae expenditure
Second Divorce the Clan Humanity 9: remove effects of Clan/Bloodline weakness as long as you do not use Disciplines
Third The Open Cage Humanity 10: never Frenzy
Way of the Locust OD p176
Pre: Must be a member of the Sworn of the Locust, and must have a diablerized mortal soul within their body.
First Soul Mask strengthen Aura to match victim's
Second Marrow of the Spirit gain 9-Again against relations of victim
Third Echo of the Soul recall knowledge known by victim
Upadana "Loose the Bonds of Attachment" AB p128
Upadana is not taught by the Ordo, but rather by an eastern analog.
First Mind Like an Open Sore Spend WP to cause no blood addiction and get a bonus to resist feeding from a kindred more than once.
Second Mind Like a Flash of Lightning Dramatically reduce the time both given and received Vinculums last.
Third Mind Like a Diamond Unidentifiable Blood.

Rules for creating a Coil are found in the Ordo Dracul book, page 177.