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Fetishes (1st Edition)

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Name Rank Action Spirit Description Book, Page Tribe/Auspice
Rank 1 Fetishes
Ayat 1 Reflexive +2 to all sight-related tracking rolls for 1 hour, once per day Rage, 197
Blessed String 1 Know the wearers emotional state as long as they wear it. Wits + Empathy On exception success gain +1 against all social rolls used on the wearer for the following day. Lodges, Splintered 120 Songkran Lodge
Blessing of Vigor 1 Reflexive Wolf-cub +2 to all Physical Attribute rolls for a singe Turn, -2 to all physical next turn WtF Core, 205
Blood Letter 1 Instant Let a drop of blood fall, then reveals hidden text underneath. May write on it under 'normal text' with a combination of blood and ink Manitou Springs, 7 Bone Shadows
Blood Rosary 1 Reflexive +3 to resist contracting illnesses of supernatural origin. Lodges, Faithful 138 Lodge of the Savior
Breath of Agony 1 Reflexive Strength+Athletics, only do 3 dice of bashing but double the victims wound penalties for 3 turns. Pure 131 Pure
Cult Talisman 1 Reflexive Wolves or Weak Ancestor +2 to next Resolve or Composure, once per scene. Lodges, Faitfhul 122 Cult of Bones
Cup of Life 1 Instant Hoarding spirits May spend essence into the cup, and draw it later as if at a Locus. Book of Spirits 120
Eyes of the Unproven 1 Instant Int+Occult detect Faith within the area. Lodges, Splintered 53 Lodge of the Fallen Idol
Farseer 1 Instant When focusing on the larger portion, can see the area around the smaller side Signs 106 Elodoth
Four of Us 1 Instant Fear or Trickery When activated gives the impression that 3 others have entered the area. +2 to intimidation rolls for the scene Lore 151 Irraka
Fourfaces 1 Instant Adds +1 depending on Season - Summer (Brawl), Fall (Empathy) Winter(Medicine) Spring (Awareness) Lore 153 Hunters in Darkness, Lodge of Seasons
Gruel Pot 1 Instant Gluttony or Necessity Fills with bland and lukewarm porridge. Shadows of the UK 96
Heroes Blood 1 Reflexive Valor May spend a point of essence to Berserk Rage instead of Fox Rage Tribes 45
Hummingbird's Heart 1 Instant Hummingbird +2 Speed and Defense for 2 turns. Must eat roughly 3lbs of food within an hour, or suffer -2 Physical activity for 12 hours Lore 151 Rahu
Iron Tongue 1 Instant May make a Pre+ Persuasion roll to get a +1 to use a piece of equipment. Tribes 147 Iron Masters
Kanruth's Eye 1 Instant Cat +2 to all wits for the next minute, once per scene Lore 151 Elodoth
Knothole 1 Instant Tool Choir See through one foot of material for 2 turns (6 seconds) WtF Core, 206
Man's Best Friend 1 Instant Deception or Lies Convinces all mortal onlookers that the wolf they see is actually a domestic dog. Shadows of the UK 96
Marriage Brooch 1 Instant Lune If sleeps with it under their pillow 4 nights a week, and gives back to werewolf during the day, that werewolf can track the target at +3 Shadows of the UK 96
Memory Clout 1 Reflexive Mockingbird knock subject upside the head to give them +4 to remember (Intelligence) or relate an anecdote (Oratory). Must do at least 1 point of bashing for it to activate. Lasts for one minute per success, only on one target Lore 151 Cahalith
Nona's Blessing 1 Reflexive Hope or Joy Guarantees conception between two partners capable of having children Shadows of the UK 96
Packstone 1 Reflexive Knows the location and health of all packmates Lodges Faithful, 99 lodge of Swords
Poisoner's Pen 1 Reflexive Mosquito Supernatural injects poison into the next person to touch. Does not create the poison Lore 153 Lodge of Crows
Protective Charm 1 Relexive Cat or Wolf +3 initiative, or +1 defense for 1 turn per success (Primal Urge in turns with essence expenditure), or +1 Social pools with spirits, or 9-again on a roll (must spend 1 essence) Tribes 76 Bone Shadows
Rallying Drum 1 Instant Dex+Expression, success give bonus to Expression, Persuasion, or Intimidation Lodges, Faithful 101 Lodge of Thunder
Shadow Jacket 1 Reflexive Night, Shadow, Darkness +1 to all rolls involving stealth. Cannot be used during the day. Shadows of the UK 97
Shrill Skull Wolfblooded 1 Rabbit, cats, loons When a WB is truly afraid for her safety will shriek and drive spirits away (Contested, Resistance vs Activation) - werewolves within miles of success have a chance to hear it and follow Blood of the Wolf 127 Wolfblooded
Sirenhowl 1 Instant. Only the werewolves pack hears the howl. Others hear sirens. Tribes 110 Hunters in Darkness
Skeleton Key 1 Instant Openings Opens any Mechanical Lock Signs, 31 Irraka
SkullBird 1 Reflexive Mockingbird Can mimic the sound of one animal convincingly Rage, 135
The Serenity of Battle 1 Reflexive Snake +2 to all composure rolls during a fight Lore 154 Blood Talon
Spirit Drum 1 Instant Any +2 to all friendly Social rolls towards spirits WtF Core, 206
Spirit Wings 1 Reflexive Bird Fall up to 10 feet without a sound, or float 10 feet in a straight lines, 6 inches off the ground. WtF Core, 206
Splinter Key 1 Instant Electricity Will start and run a car for about half an hour Rage 135
Staff of the Twice Born 1 Reflexive +3 to resist Knockdown, Knockout, or Stun. Lodges, Splintered 28 Kshatriyas Lodge
War Maps 1 Air Elemental Name a single spirit in the region of the map, and can be seen i. Lodges, Splintered 15 Armee Sauvage Lodge
Rank 2 Fetishes
Backbiter 2 Reflexive Treachery Vengeance Fires not real bullets that become snakes and spiders, and leave no forensic evidence 147 Iron Masters
Bad Penny 2 Reflexive Greed +2 against the holder by Numina or Influence Lodges, Faithful 134 Lodge of Mammon
Badge of Honor 2 Instant Honor or Nobility Gain a pool of points equal to Honor, may spend them for +1 to Empathy, Persuasion, and Socialize rolls when dealing with humans. Once per Day Signs 106 Elodoth
Blessing of Vigor Tattoo 2 Reflexive +2 to all Physical Attribute rolls for a singe Turn, -2 to all physical next turn Manitou Springs, 14 None
Boundary Markers 2 Instant Rage or Bitterness Activates when another werewolf treads on the ground within 100 feet of the buried fetish. The pack in the shadow realm hears the cry. Pure 132 Pure
Charm Bracelet 2 Reflexive 5 Charms, uses one up each time activated. +1 luck bonus to all rolls in a scene Shadows of the UK 97
Condor Idol 2 Instant Allows you to fly in the Shadow Lodges Splintered 124 Lodge of the Storm's Eye
Corpse Dowser 2 Instant Points in the direction of the nearest human, wolf, or werewolf corpse within 100 yards. Lodges, Faithful 122 Cult of Bones
Egels brand 2 Reflexive Raptor +2 to athletics. Lore 154 Lodge of Garm
Fetidmusk 2 Instant -3 to all scent-based tracking to track the user for 1 hour Lore 17 Beshilu
Fireflash 2 Instant Fire Dex+Composure from target, fail causes them to be blinded, using Fighting Blind. Must reflect natural firelight before it can be used WtF Core, 206
Fly Bottle 2 Instant Insects A swarm of bust attacks the target, -1 to all rolls, -1 Defense Rage, 135
Ghosts of the Forest 2 Instant Badger Ordinary human approaching with ill intent toward those named on the fetish must pass a Resolve+Composure or flee. Anything short of Exceptional Success gives a -2 penalty to all rolls while within sight of the building the fetish guards. Shadows of the UK 97
Gnawdowser 2 Instant Rat Points to the weakest point int he Gauntlet within one mile of the fetish for one turn. Must be crafted from an ex member of a Beshilu. May draw their ire Lore 152 Ithaeur
Hijaab 2 Reflexive For the rest of the scene or until the wearer initiates violence, attackers must spend 1 WP per attack to attack wearer Rage, 197
Hungry Mask Wolfblooded 2 Predatory or Parasitic Pierce flesh with the fetish. Success on activation act as a negative modifier to mystically detect the wolf-blood as anything other than a normal human. Blood of the Wolf 128 Wolfblooded
Hunter's Spur 2 Instant May forgo sleep for a number of nights equal to activation successes. Lodges, Faithful 58 Lodge of Harbringers
Kin Caller 2 Instant Howl simple words, no one else hears but Kin within 5 miles. Tribes 182 Storm Lords
Lightning Rod 2 Instant Lightning temporarily knocks out electrical devices Lodges, Faithful 64 Lodge of Lightning
Masterkey 2 Reflexive Key or Door When activated, conforms the inside of any lock Lore 154
Mercy Gem 2 Reflexive Toad Spend 1 point of essence, and advert Death Rage entirely. Can only be used twice WtF Core, 206
Oathhood 2 Instant Vengeance or Dog When fighting against werewolves judged Guilty of Oathbreaking, +2 Defense and 2 Temp Health. If in error, ceases to function until Rite of Contrition to the victim and the fetish Lore 152 Elodoth
Pain Poppet 2 Attune this fetish to any target, whenever the werewolf hurts the fetish, the target suffers -2 to all rolls and defense. Lodges Faithful Lodge of Death
Prophecy Bone 2 Instant Lune After sunset, can pose one single, one phrase, yes or no question concerning some future event. Lore 154 Prophecy Lodge
Purity Jewel 2 Instant Harmony vrs Resistance to Banish a spirit Lodges Splintered 46 Lodge of the Endless Moon
Repellance 2 Instant Neglect or Security Make an offering toward a target. Spirits unconciously avoid that target, must make a successful Finesse roll to interact with target Book of Spirits 120
Roar of Thunder 2 Instant All within 30 yards must roll Comp+Primal Urge- success on activation and suffers -1 to resolve rolls, may inspire Lunacy Lodges, Faithful 101 Lodge of Thunder Fetishes
Sekhmet's Jar 2 Instant Drink, and gains 1 essence, but is at -1 to all finesse based rolls (Dex, Int, Manipulation). If ordinary human, -3 Lodges, Splintered 105 Lodge of the Red Sands
Shadow Tarot 2 Instant Raven Can get visions of the future, and gain a wp or +3 to a future roll Tribes 77 Bone Shadows
Thumbot 2 Extended Information Generic, emotion, sex of user of a computer, more with more successes Lore 154 Lodge of Lightning
Timbre rattle 2 Extended Tree Learns up to 4 kinds of spiritual resonance left at the scene in the last 4 months Lore 154 Lodge of Harmony
Track Mirror 2 Instant Deceit or Trickery anemials Causes a number of identical false trails (With scents, tracks, broken twigs, ect) equal to activation successes Signs 38 Irraka
Triumph Rune 2 Reflexive Rage +1 defense in hand to hand, opponents can resist with Composure+Primal Urge Lodges, Faithful 55 Lodge of Garm
Truth-Catcher 2 Reflexive A deliberately spoken lie will cause this fetish to dissolve into a dozen spiders and bite the liar. Lodges, Faithful 142 Lodge of Unity
Shadow Box 2 Send a message to a specific point, and receive it from the same point. Lodges, Splintered 15 Armee Sauvage Lodge
System Key 2 Instant Curious spirits activated when attached to a computer. Can roll Harmony during the next 2 days to see what the user is doing. Rage 136
Vandal Spider 2 Instant Spider Allows werewolves to know when vandals strike their area Tribes 110 Hunters in Darkness
Vermin's Flight Necklace 2 Reflexive Cat +2 Speed, +2 to Jumping, for 3 turns per Primal Urge. Activated Once per Scene. Shadows of the UK 97
Wallbreakers 2 Reflexive Hammer or Earth Ignores 2 points of durability. Lore 152 Rahu
Willow Stake 2 Willows +3 to any targeted attack towards the heart of the victim. Lodges Splintered 142 Lodge of the Willow Branch
Wolf in Dog's Clothing 2 Instant Dog Change Urhan form into a domestic dog breed of the same mass, lasts for scene even through shapeshifts, but each time Urhan is assumed it may be a different breed Blood of the Wolf, 65
Wolfsole Tattoos 2 Instant Dog or Coyote +2 speed and +2 to jump tests in Hishu or Dalu for the scene Blood of the Wolf, 65
Rank 3 Fetishes
Gauntlet Scar 3 Extended Bee Repairs a damaged Gauntlet to its natural rating. WtF Core, 206
Mask of Life 3 Reflexive Boar Once a week, can make all wounds close and stop bleeding, for one scene. No actual healing. WtF Core, 207
Biting Dagger Klaive 3 Reflexive Glass, Serpents, Spiders Has Armor Piercing 3, for both Armor and Durability. It is a WtF Core, 207
Black Blood Candle 3 Instant Fear 6 hour burning candle, can be remade. All spirits within 25 feet suffer -2 on all Influences and Numina use. Shadows of the UK 97
Blackbird Muaser Requires no bullets, may make a single Dex+Firearms+3 attack. Does lethal, ignores armor, and requires Wits+Composure-5 to hear. Lodges Splintered 15 Armee Sauvage Lodge
Bond of Law 3 Instant Lies, Deception, or Trickery Able to detect whenever a spirit is lying to the wearer. Shadows of the UK 98
Bone Spur 3 Reflexive Wrath or Justice Reacts to those with low morality within 5 yards of user. Lower Morality more reaction Rage 136
Car'thu'ama 3 Instant Spider On a successful hit can wrap around the target. Has Str 5 and Brawl 2 for Grappling, and can preform Disarm, Damage, or Immobilize maneuvers. Lore 157 Azlu
Cat's Suture 3 Reflexive Dog Spirit When user would take damage that would kill or knock them unconscious can activate for +3 Stamina /dots/ including, the 3 health. Lasts for turns equal to half werewolves willpower, rounded up. Rage 136
City Compass 3 Reflexive City Points towards where the City spirit is paying attention Lodges, Faithful 95 Lodge of Stones
Crone's Axe 3 Reflexive Raven -1 to all mental and social rolls for the rest of the scene to the user's enemies Shadows of the UK 98
Death Wolves Howl 3 Instant Stamina+Composure - the useres Wisdom+Primal Urge, and can take damage or loose essence/health Tribes 77 Death Wolves
Devils Right Hand 3 Instant Cruelty or Bloodlust Can be activated to fill the chambers with bullets, reducing damage by 1. Can be used to do Full Burst Tribes of the Moon 45 Blood Talons
Drowned Man's Pearl 3 Instant Allows wearer to breath under water for one minute per success. Lodge, Faithful 68 Lodge of Maelstrom
Everyman Hood 3 Instant Blend into crowd of 5 or more, -2 to be tracked or shadowed for the rest of the scene or until spending 5 minutes away from crowds of 5 or more Blood of the Wolf, 65
Fear Worm 3 Instant Snake, spider, frightening -2 to all Resolve and composure rolls made by human beings in the area of effect Tribes 111 Hunters in Darkness
Fortune' Stone 3 Reflexive Rabbit or Whisky +2 on any Resistance rolls (Resolve, Stamina, Composure), Once per scene Lore 152 Irraka
Ghost Stake 3 Reflexive Hellion Spirits of Death resonance and Ghosts must make a resistance-2 check to enter area, may be up to -5 by spending 1 essence per additional point Lore 154 Bone Shadows
Gurim's Lash Klaive 3 Blind opponents with a called shot. Damaged must make Stamina+Resolve with a negative modifier equal to damage delth by the Lash. If fails suffers -1 to all Physical and Mental rolls. for the scene Pure 132 Pure
Guksu's Headress 3 Instant Grants bonuses based on Auspice Tribes 183 Storm Lords
Heart Spear 3 Reflexive +3 to all melee rolls Shadows of the UK 98
Karg Klaive 3 Reflexive Anyone who sees the wielder as an enemy suffers a -2 to all resolve or composure Lore, 149
Packcard 3 Instant Information Using this phone card causes the phone nearest to the packmates named on the card to ring Lore 154 Iron Masters
Rose among Thorns 3 Instant Raven +2 to Mental dice pool to sense something out of place for a scene. Can be used once per 24 hours. Lore 155 Lodge of Winter.
Map of the Pact 3 Instant Shows the location of other packs within the lodge, grants hint to their status Lodges, Splintered 40 Lodge of the Black woods
Tasbih 3 Reflexive Downgrade lethal to bashing or ignore bashing from a number attacks from a single foe equal to Primal Urge, usable once per session Rage, 197
Timepiece 3 Instant Records everything seen for 3 minutes, Attuned it can show back the scene. Can grant a +2 against foes studied through it WtF Core, 207
Trade-Off 3 Instant Balance or Edges Take a point of lethal, cannot be healed while active. Name one group (Power, Finesse, Resistance) traits, and all rolls gain+3, while all others gain -1. Signs 109 Elodoth
Sacred Thread 3 Reflexive Ralunium Adds +2 to resist Death Rage, effective renown when 'meeting for the first time' is 1 higher. Lodges, Splintered 28 Kshatriyas Lodge
Shadow Lure 3 Instant When activated, person carrying is more attractive to spirits. Remains functioning for a week. Book of Spirits 121
Shadow Wings 3 Instant, Reflexive Owl Can fly in the shadow realm for 3 hours. -4 while flying. WtF Core, 208
Shifting Fang Klaive 3 Reflexive Venomous Snake Ignores users defense, Only works against each opponent once. Tribes 148
Steel and Lightning Klaive 3 Reflexive Lightning When activated it deals 4 additional bashing on a hit, that ignores armor. Rage 137
Storm's Eye 3 Instant Peaceful Days Can create a calm spot around the user, ignoring penalties Lodges, Faithful 64 Lodge of Lightning
Storm Gauntlets 3 Instant Storm or Thunder Any attacking enemies suffer -2 to Initiative and all pools involving Dex or Wits for 6 turns. Once per Scene Shadows of the UK 98
Synchronicity Box 3 Extended Gathers 5 items and puts them inside the box. Activation learns how they are connected (or not) to whichever event or person the user concentrates upon during activation. Cannot read same object twice, and only within 3 lunar months. Lore 155 Harbringers
Turndagger 3 Instant Wolf Can fly even at right angles when thrown, ignores cover. Takes a contested Str (vrs 3 dice) to remove it. Requires bowl of boiled blood after each use. Lore 155 Lodge of Wendigo
Wandering Eye 3 Instant Eagle Can move visual perceptions at walking speed up to 3 yards x Primal Urge from body. Looses Defense, has a speed of 1. Signs 38 Irraka
Woad Tattoo 3 Reflexive Stag +2 to Strength rolls, causing one lethal damage Shadows of the UK 98
Wolf-Drinker 3 Reflexive When killing a werewolfd, blooded, wolf or lupine spirit, may store a point of essence Lodges, Faihtful, 122 Cult of Bones
Wrath Claws 3 Allows brawl attacks in Dalu, Gauru, and Urshul to hit ghosts, with +1 to any attack rolls. -1 to all physical rolls involving fine manipulation Lodges, Faithful 39 Lodge of Cerberus
Rank 4 Fetishes
Arrow Chain 4 Extended Air Elemental Arrows fired from the bow can stick into the air itself, and can hold fast even under a werewolf in war form. Lore 156 Hunter in Darkness
Baleblade 4 Aggressive +2 to all out attack (+4 total) and does Agg (Silver weapon. Degeneration roll to even carry. Blasphemies 144 Balehounds
Band of Restraint 4 Extended +4 to Effective Harmony to determine what would trigger a death rage. If above 10, he cannot be provoked to Death Rage. Signs 107 Elodoth
Betrayer Skull 4 Instant Reveal the closest Urdaga pack Totem Pure 132 Pure
Biografia Perfeita 4 Contested Touch a target, Harmony vs Composure. Allows research into the targets life, using normal Research rules. Lore 156 Lodge of Scrolls
Bone Whistle 4 Instant Any spirit or ghost within 20 feet to become visible. Resisted with Resistance vrs Fetish Activation WtF Core, 208
Charging Bear Klaive 4 May subtract a number of defense and add it to their all out attacks. Tribes of the Moon 45 Blood Talons
Effigy of the Hunters 4 Instant Pack animal Call 5 wolf like war spirits to their aid, with Power, Finesse, Resistance of 3. Once per Moon Phase. Shadows of the Uk 99
Fangs of the Bat Klaive 4 Reflexive Reduces penalties striking a specific target by 2. Tribes 111 Hunters in Darkness
Four-Fingered Charm 4 Reflexive Crow or Black bird 9 again when to larceny rolls, -2 to Wits+Composure to notice the theft. Rage 136
Fulgent-Talwar Klaive 4 Reflexive Hellion, Light Allows the user double defense if used during the day or a full moon. Any other day is +2 defense. Lasts for a number of turns equal to characters Primal Urge x2 Rage 138
Gibbous Horn 4 Instant Lune Immediately falls into a Fugue state and suffers that derangement Afterward they are granted a vision that contains hints to the answer. a Cahalith must craft this fetish. Lore 153 Cahalith
Horn of Munin 4 Reflexive  ??? Any werewolf within 50 feet immediately makes a Harmony roll - success drops them out of Death Rage or Gauru, failure stuns them for one turn. The bearer takes 1 bashing Lore 157 Lodge of Swords
Joint-Cutting Knife 4 Reflexive Death +3L, and does +1 against the walking dead. +2 to appropriate Medicine Rolls. Lodges Splintered 105 Lodge of the Red Sands
Knock-Knock Stick 4 Reflexive Bull Attack as normal, with a +4 bonus if used as a tool. Ignores durability. Used against living creatures does normal damage + 5 feet per damage dealt Shadows of the UK 99
Lightning Chain 4 Reflexive Lightning Chain does damage as a major electrical blast, 6B, ignores armor. Target must make a Str roll in each turn of contact - failure means still connected, and continues suffering damage. Only holds charge for 3 turns, then must be connected to a major source of electricity for 1 hour Lore 156 Lodge of Wrath
Lightning Rod 4 Reflexive quick moving Grants damage resistance (7 Bashing, 5 lethal, or 3 agg) against a single attack. Auto activates on the first attack. WtF Core, 208
Man's Hammer 4 Reflexive Can only target objects of Size 5 or less. for 4 turns, +2 against items, ignores durability. WtF Core 208
Omintool 4 Instant Can create any object needed on a hunt. Can provide an equipment bonus equal to -1 of normal Tribes 148 Iron Masters
Parasite Shard 4 Instant Sticks in the body after doing damage. Can be pulled out with Str+Athletics in one turn, else it get inside for 10-Stamina days, while within they cannot gain substance from food or drink. Pure 132 Pure
Pepper Jar 4 Instant Paranoia for the next 12 hours, spend a willpower and can see through the fetish. Rage 136
Salmon Charm 4 Instant Salmon Increase wits by 2, and allows users to use Strength 2 - Might Bound. Shadows of the UK 99
Salt-hewer 4 Reflexive +1 Str when on deck of a ship, can use the weapon underwater with no penalties Lodge, Faithful 68 Lodge of the Maelstrom
Sequoia's Spear Klaive 4 Instant Redwood Within 10 yards of the fetish, gets +1 Size (and hence +1 Health), +1 Strength /dot/, +1 composure /dot/ - with resultant boosts to derived attributes. Rage 138
Silence of Death Klaive 4 Reflexive Silence, Secrecy, Murder Target rolls Resolve vs Activation. Failure means he cannot use any form of communication, from howling to email or telepathy. Signs 38 Irraka
Spirit Anchor 4 Reflexive Heavy Animal Spirit cannot discorporate, and its speed is reduced by half. -2 to attacks against spirits to not damage fetish Tribes 77 Bone Shadows
Tempest Cane 4 Instant Usable only during a storm. Can travel instantly Miles in successes, via Lightning Bolt. Lore 156 Lodge of Thunder
Thunder's Atassa Klaive 4 Reflexive Lightning each strike builds a 2 dice charge. When charge is 8 dice, can be discharged up to 20 yards as a standard action, ignoring armor. Cannot go above 8 Lore, 150
Traveler's Blanket 4 Instant Can carry items within it and weighs nothing more than a folded up blanket. Mundane detection cannot tell there is anything in it. Only inanimate Lore 156 Ghost Wolves
Rank 5 Fetishes
Alpha's Crown 5 Instant Can command all other werewolves within eyesight, provided he has the highest total Renown. Can be resisted with a Resolve+Primal Urge vrs success on activation WtF Core 209
Alphaskin 5 Reflexive Gives bonuses for one minute per success to all forms. Suffer -1 to all degeneratioon rolls. Lore 157 Predator Kings
Dead Zone 5 Instant Spider Spirit world grows distant in radius twice the users Harmony. Loci seal up, gifts and rites require +2 essence to use. Cannot regain essence, and spirits in twilight must spend essence every minute. Tribes 107 Elodoth
Decay Tattoos 5 Reflexive Deal agg to spirits of human made objects, or bypass durability Pure 134 Pure
False Locus 5 Instant Must spend points of Essence equal to twice the local gauntlet rating penalty for stepping sideways., then may step sideways. Signs 39 Irraka
Heritage Fang 5 Reflexive. +1 and 9 again against any American Born enemy Blasphemies 88 Lodge of Crossroads
Herne's Black Lantern 5 Reflexive Firefly Humans within 100 yards feel uneasy, and are at -3 to all rolls. If within 10 yards of a locus any spirit or creature that attempts to take essence is dealt 1 agg per essence taken, only the user is immune. Rage 137
The Labrys Klaive 5 Reflexive Agg to Males, regardless of species. No man can lift it, only a woman can. WtF Core, 209
Liar's Delight 5 Instant Can talk to complex machines Tribes 149 Iron Masters
Milewaker's Cloth 5 Instant Road Travel in a special realm, perhaps the razor's edge of the Gauntlet, at 1/6th the normal travel time (1 hour of travel in 10 minutes. Rage 137
My Brother's Shadow 5 Instant Can be used to make a shadow construct of a fallen pack member, that can only fight Tribes 45 Blood Talons
Moonshuner 5 Stamina+resolve against activation success. Various disease effects Pure 134 Pure
Spirit Maze 5 Instant Rank 4+ Holds the complete attention of spirits whose total Rank do not exceed the Harmony of the Uratha. If attacked they receive a reflexive Finesse roll to break from the Reverie. Lore 153 Ithaeur
Thunderklaive Klaive 5 Reflexive May spend 1 essence with successful strike and add 1 lethal to the damage. Lodges, Faithful, 101 Lodge of Thunder
Tooth of the Deathwolf 5 Instant +3 on Intimidation, and +2 to avoid Death Rage. Deals agg with lethal damage. Used against another werewolf is a Harmony 4 sin Tribes 78 Bone Shadows
Tooth of the Deathwolf 5 Instant Bring back a spirit of the Dead to be questioned, when placed in the mouth of any dead animal that animals spirit will speak. Undead, ghosts, and spirits of death must make a Resolve+Composure to endure fetishes presence or withdraw 30 feet Lore 157 Lodge of Death
Vorgan 5 Reflexive +2 Defense from all attacks. Lore 150
Wolf to Her Den 5 Instant Wolf Instantly transported between the two halfs, for essence equal to her size rating. Can transport pack. Tribes 112 Hunters in Darkness
Scar/Tattoo +1 Increases the cost of any fetish by 1 dot, turning it into a scar or tattoo WtF Core 206
Rune-Klaive +1 Ancestor Allies regain 1 willpower for each success on activation. Lodges, Faithful 55 Lodge of Garm
Fire Hammer  ?? Reflexive +2 str for non combat situations. Lodges, Faithful 71 Lodge of Metal
Subtle Armor 2 / 3 Instant When activated, hides the armor. Tribes, 45
Eyepiece 2 / 3 Instant Can call any phone or access internet from anywhere, even across the Gauntlet. . 3 dot can see through any security camera within a mile. Tribes 138 Lodge of Wires
Storm Rune 1 - 5 Instant Storms, Lighting, Thunder +1 Str per dot, or subtracts 1 from the defense on the turn following a successful attack Tribes 182 Storm Lords
Rune Stone of Balance 2 / 3 Instant Adds rating to resist Death Rage, 3 point triggers automatically if entering Kuruth on ability to regain control. Tribes 182 Storm Lords
Spirits Dream 1 - 5 Instant Dream Spirit Each dot allows 30 seconds worth of experience of the dreams of a Spirit in Slumber Tribes 182 Storm Lords
Transportation Keys 3-5 Instant Transportation (specific types) Enter into the type of public transportation the key is attuned to, state destination or direction and emerge from any other within 5 miles per dot of the fetish, closest to the destination, usable a number of times equal to dot rating per month Blood of the WOlf, 65
Moon Klaives
Dahzulna, "The Scepter of Battle" 6 Ralunim, Air Elemental Followers of the user gain +2 to imitate his actions. Gives one level of Concealment for each turn spent in combat (up to -3). As long as 3 points of damage are dealt, they must roll for knockdown at -5. If fail knockback 10+Users Str-Targets size in yards War against the Pure, 146
Aglu Delal, "Demon Eater" 6 Ithalunim. +3 to Intimidate any spirit that recognizes the weapon. May freely strike a spirits or ghost on either side of the gauntlet, each level of damage removes a number of essence and speed from target. Undead are Stunned by attacks. War Against the pure, 147
Mumaizadum, "Fire and Water" 6 Elunim, Fire Elemental +2 to resist Death Rage. The Klaive can use tthe Elemental Gifts Command Fire and Summon water (with a pool of 10) and adds +3 to attack supernatural creatures associated with Fire or Water War Against the Pure, 147
Hadakhu, "The Dream of the Valiant" 6 Cahalunim, and a conceptual of Hope Those with Vice of Pride, Wrath, and Sloth must make resolve rolls each week or gain a derangement. +2 to all expression rolls and Cahalith affinity gifts. May expend X essence to regain X willpower, once per day. Targets with vice of Pride, Wrath, and Sloth are at -2 Defense War Against the Pure, 147
Sim's Doom, Broken Blade 6 Instant Lunar Hare and a Diamond spirit -1 To Weaponry when the Klaive is activated (Specialty can offset it). Lowers defense of targets by 1. +5 to any Jump check, and +5speed. AP2 and +1 damage. War Against the Pure, 148