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Incarnations and Agendas

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Incarnation Nickname Favored Divine Role Source
Analysts Eyes Exploits To collect and assess data DSG 20
Destroyer Swords Cacophonic To eliminate deleterious phenomena DTD 100
Guardian Shields Instrumental To shepherd useful assets DTD 102
Messenger Trumpets Vocal To direct and manipulate actors DTD 104
Psychopomps Wheels Mundane To gather and configure resources DTD 106


Agenda Condition Cover Detonation Description Source
Inquisitors Prepared for Anything Curse of honesty Insightful paranoiacs seeking security through understanding DTD 92, Iface 46
Integrators Angel Empathy Mass of doppelgangers Believers seeking acceptance to return home on their own terms DTD 94, Iface 46
Saboteurs An Eye for Disorder Storm of shrapnel Ideologues fighting to liberate the world from the God-Machine DTD 96, Iface 47
Tempters I Know Someone Compulsion of vice Aesthetes and opportunists interested in temporal power DTD 98, Iface 47
Uncalled Uncalled Plague of locusts Iconoclasts unencompassed by mainstream demonic thought DTD 78, Iface 47