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Locales (2nd Edition)

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Detailed Places

Worldly Places

Contemporary Settings

Locale Focus Description Book
South Australia, Australia
Beast The Slate Wiped Clean: A city without monsters. BTP 257
Central Anatolia, Turkey
Deviant Anchored Realities: A distorted maze of urban settlement and reconstruction where Renegades are caught in the middle of a struggle between national and international conspiracies. DTR XX
Antarctica Promethean Not with a Bang, But a Whimper: A desolate place where Prometheans come for solitude, but are bound to interact and lean upon the support of those few others residing. PTC 2e 280
Attica, Greece
Vampire The Polis Erebus: A fractious domain in the collapse of Carthian revolution. VTR 2e 239
Maryland, USA
Demon The Razor Labyrinth: A city used as a disposable research site, criss-crossed by space-folding secret passages and monitored by clockwork cab drivers. Seed 10
Werewolf The Golden Throne: Yaksha raise armies of spirits to try and recreate a holy kingdom, but a idigam of royalty challenges their rule. Pack 100
Werewolf Beyond the Land Between Two Rivers: A city in tumult, ravaged by zealous Blood Talons and haunted by rumors of Destroyer Wolf. WTF 2e 249
Beijing Vampire Broken Things Remembered: A bureaucratic domain in the wake of a great night empire destroyed in its decadence. VTR 2e 243
Geist Mega City 4: A complex metropolis whose dead community is relentlessly patrolled by a bureaucracy of organized Reapers. GTS 2e 248
Northern Ireland, UK
Werewolf A City Divided: A divided place of chilly rivalries, where the mark of the Troubles still lingers into the Shadow. WTF 2e 252
Berlin Vampire The Margraviate of Berlin-Brandenburg: A city in crisis, under siege by a shadowy enemy, turning to mortal hunters in their paranoia. VTR 2e 247
Bombay Beach
California, USA
Beast Songs of a Dying Sea: A near abandoned settlement on the shore of the Salton Sea. Ominous strangers and Men in Black infect the dreams of locals and tourists, and something ancient seems to sleep trapped beneath the seabed. BTP 256
England, UK
Werewolf The Kraken Wakes: A united Protectorate Council threatened by the waking of an idigam and the rise of its bloated, watery progeny. WTF 2e 255
Brú na Bóinne
County Meath, Ireland
Geist Solstice Spirals: Riverside megalithic tombs home to three ancient and powerful Avernian Gates tuned to the winter solstice. GTS 2e 248
Cape Town
Western Cape, South Africa
Beast A City at the Edge of the World: A city with traditions from cultures all around the world, with a history of everchanging politics. BTP 257
Ciudad Juárez
Chihuahua, Mexico
Beast Blood on the Border: A city of smuggling and violence ravaged by warring werewolf cartels. BTP 252
Ohio, USA
Promethean The Wasted Land: A university city with a history of the Lineages, partially suffering from a festering Wasteland. PTC 2e 285
Pennsylvania, USA
Deviant The Secret of Ellicott Cave: A mysterious, transformative cave which calls to sensitives, and the small town it neighbors, effectively controlled by the biochemical company which discovered the profitability of gathering and enslaving the cave's chosen candidates. DTR XX
Northern Territory, Australia
Deviant Jungle Warfare: A city besieged by nature, whose urban conspirators vie against distributed cells of ecoterrorists and revolutionaries. DTR XX
Michigan, USA
Werewolf The Decaying Strength of Industry: A scorched city stalked by Predator Kings, where the surviving Forsaken ally with mortal hunters to push Pure territory back. WTF 2e 259
United Arab Emirates
Werewolf City of Chains: A city of success and excess with a Shadow that has become a dark prison ruled by The Warden. Pack 94
Scotland, UK
Geist Edinesis: A living city host to a bitter conflict between the alliances of two large krewes, battling over the light of reason and the mystery found in darkness. GTS 2e 246
The French Market
New Orleans, Louisiana, and any flea markets, USA
Changeling Tumbledown Market: A massive goblin market that has grown so large it is connected to all flea markets in the United States. This chaotic market is always open and is "controlled" by The Trader's Court. CTL 2e 289
Promethean A Place for Pilgrims: A region of many pilgrimages visited by the Created for rumors of resistance to the Wastelands, moderated through pilgrim marks by a society of Promethean residents. PTC 2e 281
Holmes County
Ohio, USA
Werewolf The Hunt in the Heartlands: Rural and Amish communities where a family of Ivory Claws presides over a negotiated peace between Forsaken and Pure, unaware of lurking Bale Hounds. WTF 2e 262
Hong Kong Changeling Eighty-Nine Dreams of Home: Ruled by the balanced and lucky three societies of the Dragon Courts, this is a city where the supernatural is common but identity can be hard to define. CTL 2e 277
Promethean East Meet West: A navigable metropolis of alleyways and dense neighborhoods, guarded by the survivors of old networks of criminal demiurges. PTC 2e 282
Massachusetts, USA
Changeling Hard-a-Lee: Coastal town with faeblooded fishmen and a strange bargain with the True Fae that leaves tourists as vulnerable prey for the Keepers CTL 2e 286
Istanbul Demon The Middle of Everywhere: Layers of ancient infrastructure weighing on one another, where the God-Machine is faltering but not fallen. Seed 5
Gauteng, South Africa
Promethean A City Divided: Heir to a history of strife and separation, complicated by alchemical disciples of the Frankenstein generative rite. PTC 2e 286
Beast The Third Religion: City of ancient crossroads steeped in tradition and religion. Hidden from mortal eyes lies an ancient shrine to the Dark Mother that attracts begotten pilgrims from all over the world. BTP 269
Las Vegas
Nevada, USA
Promethean What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas: A two-faced desert utopia, secretly harboring a small cult of nuclear alchemists. PTC 2e 277
London Mage Runewalking: A city painted in the High Speech, where sorcerers travel routes of power in the shape of Awakened runes. MTA 2e 267
Los Angeles Mage Astral Intrusions: An Assembly and Consilium compete over the city of dreams, where goetic manifestations emerge spontaneously and act through the bodies of Sleepers. MTA 2e 270
Demon The Dream Factory: A dreamlike confluence of starchild cults, phantom murals, and movie shoots frozen in time in what was once a definitive center of world propaganda. Seed 16
MacDonnell Ranges
Northern Territory, Australia
Werewolf The Red Centre: Sparsely populated lands where Uratha are united by the ancient Dreaming Lodge, and old spirit rituals are still in use. WTF 2e 266
Malta Werewolf Crossroads of Worlds: Archipelago that is a crossroads for the supernatural community ruled over by the Forsaken, lying atop an enormous gate to Hades. Pack 97
Quebec, Canada
Vampire The Pit of the Nameless: A cage for the dead, incarcerated by the laws of a nameless, unseen enforcer. VTR 2e 250
Delaware, USA
Deviant Progenitor University: Host to a university that harbors and profits from a semi-secret program of transhumanist lecturers, with connections to human trafficking and to the American fascist movement. DTR XX
Scotland, UK
Beast Flayed Souls: Land of the vikings, where beasts are flayed to death as part of a terrifying sequence over the last few centuries. This flaying grows more and more frequent with each death. BTP 270
Pennsylvania, USA
Beast Fractured Philly: A city where the suburbs are divided into territories by the monstrous inhabitants and those who hunt them. BTP 262
Arizona, USA
Promethean The Hunting Ground: The jurisdiction of a draconian sheriff prosecuting a Disquieted crusade against the Created. PTC 2e 284
The Pine Barrens
New Jersey, USA
Beast The Darkness in the Trees: A region of woodland full of odd rumors and said to be home to the mysterious Jersey Devil. BTP 251
Ouest, Haiti
Promethean The Broken Chain: A city ailing from disasters and Firestorms, where alchemical bonds and Promethean throngs are known to mysteriously dissolve. PTC 2e 287
Oregon, USA
Promethean Conspicuous Consumption: A cosmopolitan island in a sea of farmland, harboring a Centimanus and sublimatus partnership tending a honey trap of hospitality. PTC 2e 278
Czech Republic
Promethean The Mother of Monsters: A wide and storied city, home to an ongoing dynasty of home-loyal Prometheans derived from the methods of the famous golem. PTC 2e 287
Demon The Crossing: A hotspot of newly Falling demons and integrating angels, where cosmic interference prevents the God-Machine from unearthing vital conduits. Seed 22
Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill
North Carolina, USA
Vampire The Triangle: A harsh but stable kingdom of urban and exurban baronies, long home to a sixth Kindred clan of phantoms. VTR 2e 253
Changeling The Council of Elves: A community where the mortals are used to the presence of hidden Elves, and hedge gates and trolls can be found in the wilds. CTL 2e 281
California, USA
Promethean The Mother Lode: Inheritor of a rich Azothic history dating back to the gold rush, from Pandorans stalking old rail yards to overcurious sorcerers. PTC 2e 278
Castile and León, Spain
Mage Fleeting Worlds: Occult texts and passages to other worlds appear unbidden to mage and Sleeper alike. MTA 2e 273
Salton Sea
California, USA
Promethean Fire in the Sky: An artificial sea periodically lit by the overhead flames of frequent qashmal visitations. PTC 2e 279
San Francisco
California, USA
Vampire The Mission: A heterodox domain of syncretic Sanctified, eccentric heretics, and ambitious opportunists. VTR 2e 257
Washington, USA
Demon Splintered City: A multidimensional city echoed across multiple points in time, caught in repeating loops. DTD 248, Seat
Seoul Promethean The Seoul Is in the Software: A locus of generative energy, where the Unfleshed flourish and Pandorans are rare but advanced. PTC 2e 283
Swansea, Neath, and Port Talbot
Wales, UK
Vampire Beddnerys: Relative barrens populated by family-minded iconoclasts, banded together against hostile neighbors. VTR 2e 261
Sydney Demon Earth Alembic: A city built as an invisible bulwark against the mounting occult byproducts of divine industry hidden in the Outback. Seed 27
Baja California, Mexico
Promethean The Road Through the Borderlands: A city of the dispossessed on the move, flooded by an unexplained influx of dormant Pandoran curios. PTC 2e 282
Tokyo Vampire The Three and Four Diamonds: Corporate oligarchy defending against power plays by organized mortal occultists. VTR 2e 265
Werewolf Forsaken and Forgotten: A great city where the Uratha are few and far between, faced with rare Hosts and cults of power. WTF 2e 269
Mage Nakatomi-En: A hidebound Consilium carved out in a Fallen city, where dead spots sap away supernal power and Paradoxes call the attention of supernatural neighbors. MTA 2e 276
Mortal A varied city split into wards with ghost trains, gangs, and shrines. HL 107
Promethean The Bay of Dolls: A tense city where Prometheans are boxed in between mortal predators, jealous werewolves, and packs of Pandorans left behind by a forgotten Lineage. PTC 2e 283
Beast Hero Bay: A colossal city where heroes feel the call in such high numbers that they have formed guilds, and the societies of the supernatural are around every corner. WTF 2e 269
Arizona, USA
Mage The Phantom Bells of Mission San Xavier del Bac: Nameless desert grounds where bells peal from empty towers and ghosts appear of deaths yet to occur. MTA 2e 280
British Columbia, Canada
Beast A Serpent’s Tooth A city of flooded dreams, ruled over by despotic leviathans and their vampire servitors. BTP 265
Massachusetts, USA
Geist Widows' Walk and Salt Spray: A once-whaling town whose boomtimes only make its recessions hit harder, host to a vast Memento in the form of an offshore shipwreck. GTS 2e 247
Lower Silesia, Poland
Werewolf The Field of Dogs: Territory overtaken by the fanatical, man-eating Lodge of the Field, and their transformed patron wolf, Lycaon-Ur. WTF 2e 273

Historical Settings

Time Locale Focus Description Book
1360 CE Carcassonne
Occitanie, France
Geist God Will Know His Own: A walled fortress city which mourns waves of inquisition, oppression and death, still recovering from the Black Death. GTS 2e 247
1526 CE Calicut
Kerala, India
Geist An ummah of the dead whose krewes debate the theology of ghosts and the Bound, under the shadow of the ruling Hindu and the imperialist Portuguese. GTS 2e 250
1654 CE Quilombo dos Palmares
Alagoas, Brazil
Geist Run Away Home: A self-ruling enclave established by escaped slaves, whose Twilight is astir from the street fights of local krewes. GTS 2e 246
1910 CE Mobile
Alabama, USA
Geist Southern Hospitality: A booming Southern port town still riven by racial exploitation, whose secret societies thrive within its Mardi Gras traditions. GTS 2e 242
1968 CE Washington, D.C. Geist In the Room Where It Happens: A city haunted by the weight of a nation's deeds, struggling under the wages of slavery and war. GTS 2e 237

Otherworldly Places

Locale Focus Description Book
Dominions of the Underworld
The Cavern of Flame Geist A great high cavern dedicated to the ghosts of great fires, whose guardian demands visitors hide nothing. GTS 2e 254
The Crossroads Geist A dead marketplace consecrated to trades, oaths, and parleys, where agreements are sealed by the eyes of the Kerberos. GTS 2e 255
The Dead Forest Geist A place for the lost and forgotten, sought by ghosts who wish only to take root and lose themselves. GTS 2e 254
The Nameless Bridges Geist A web of bridges between many Dominions, forged of ghostly bodies and forgotten relics, which drags down those who wander without greater purpose. GTS 2e 251
The Nursery Geist A corner of the Underworld which coddles and confines the ghosts of children in stale safety. GTS 2e 252

Undetailed Mentions

Locale Focus Description Book
Berlin Demon A chilly entente between two demonic cultures, still split by the Berlin Wall decades later. DTD 60
Hong Kong Demon Home to a longstanding Agency thrown into disarray by the disparate interests brought in by the British-Chinese transition. DTD 59
Moscow Demon Monopolized by a violent Agency which traffics in power and people through organized crime. DTD 60
Tel Aviv Demon A center of open correspondence and sharing of ideas between demons, conducted through causal manipulation of local publishing houses. DTD 60
Washington, D.C. Demon A fickle battleground between different Agencies, where demons often flip allegiances. DTD 59
North Dakota, USA
Demon An oil town dominated by demons incognito as oil workers, who exploit the workforce as they investigate infrastructure lain dormant. DTD 59