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Name Book
Dreaming Lodge Organized Australian Uratha community, ancient beyond even the tribes WTF 2e 266-267
Eaters of the Dead Carrion-eating Ghost Wolves with ambitions of founding a tribe to hunt the dead Pack 90-91
Blessing Spend Willpower to purge physical or supernatural afflictions or taints
Ban Leave no kill to rot
Sacred Hunt Undead prey lose a point of supernatural fuel when bitten, or suffer aggravated damage if exhausted
Access Lodge Sorcery (Merit), Carrion Feast (Rite)
Lodge of the Chronicle A venerable tradition of Cahalith who preserve the knowledge of the People so that it will not be lost in the hunt WTF 2e 53
Lodge of the Einherjar Colorado-based Forsaken who unearth and retell lost tales of the glorious dead WTF 2e 51
Lodge of the Field Polish cult of holy cannibals who gorge themselves on Essence for the gods WTF 2e 274-277
Lodge of Gargoyles Urban Irraka who specialize in killing with ranged weapons from high above WTF 2e 53
Lodge of Garm Zealous Forsaken sworn to the art of slaying werewolves Pack 82-83
Blessing Spending Willpower to enhance an attack against a werewolf adds an extra +2 dice
Ban Never retreat before the rest of your pack
Sacred Hunt Sense whether the prey has high Primal Urge, and if so, retain Defense on all-out attacks
Access Lodge Armory, Uma Suguthkuth (Merits)
Lodge of the Hook Hand Hunters in Darkness who craft and alter folklore and urban legends to guide the human herds WTF 2e 51
Lodge of the Hundred Days Rwandan Uratha who labor to resolve the Wounds left behind by genocide WTF 2e 51
Lodge of Muspell Norse Fire-Touched, pledged to Múspellheim and branded with crude runes DE 167
Lodge of the Roman Ritual Catholic priests who exorcise spirits and provide hospice care for their former hosts WTF 2e 52
Lodge of the Screaming Moon Cultists of terror who hunt sources of fear in order to surpass them Pack 86-87
Blessing Intimidation achieves exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five, and reaps Essence from slain prey
Ban Either slain prey must scream or the slayer must howl
Sacred Hunt Spend Essence to ignore supernatural infliction of fear that would impede the hunt
Access Lodge Lorehouse, Lodge Sorcery (Merits), Banshee Howl (Rite)
Lodge of the Shield Iron Masters embedded in human law enforcement, organized to cover for one another and trade favors WTF 2e 51-52
Lodge of Sleepless Earth Hunters in Darkness who identify with their territory, changing its form like they change their own WTF 2e 68
Lodge of Wires Iron Masters who study the changes reflected in the Shadow by advancing technology WTF 2e 51
Temple of Apollo Blasphemous human sacrifice cult pretending at class and culture Pack 88-89
Blessing Ignore penalties to force Doors by exploiting a target's Vice or Blood
Ban Kill outsiders who tread on temple ground
Sacred Hunt Sense those who intrude on temple ground, and use Facets to hunt them at no Essence cost; use heavy solar activity to consume human souls
Access Lodge Connections, Lodge Sorcery, Lodge Stronghold (Merits), Glorious Lyre (Fetish)
Thousand Steel Teeth Forsaken road warriors hunting the highways Pack 84-85
Blessing Spending Willpower to work on a vehicle or take it into action grants the rote quality
Ban Sleep at least a mile away from where last you slept
Sacred Hunt Track prey travelling by vehicle, and take only bashing damage from ramming, crashes or road tumbling
Access Lodge Connections (Merit), Iron Leviathan Harpoon, Nomad Chain, Roadkiller (Fetishes)