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Kith Skill Description Kith Blessing Book
Artist Crafts Creators whose bodies have become one with their medium. Spend Glamour to manifest tools for a Crafts specialty, using your Wyrd as an equipment bonus. CTL 2e 51
Bright One Socialize Glowing and radiant, lit by the inner flame of their channeled passion. Illumination concealed by the Mask. Spend Glamour for a blinding flash, inflicting bashing damage and a -2 Physical and Mental penalty for a turn. CTL 2e 52
Chatelaine Empathy Products of endless drilling in protocol and domestic service. Spend Glamour and roll Manipulation + Socialize to wield another character's Social Merits, in ways remembered as the character's own doing. CTL 2e 52
Gristlegrinder Brawl Monsters consumed by hunger and haunted by the taste of flesh. Bite for lethal damage without grappling. Spend Glamour and roll Stamina + Survival to swallow something or someone with a smaller Size whole. CTL 2e 53
Helldiver Larceny Spies and explorers, not free until they break the silver cord anchoring them to Faerie. Spend Glamour and roll Dexterity + Occult to fade over several seconds between matter and the ephemeral state of a Hedge ghost. CTL 2e 53
Hunterheart Investigation Hunters escaped from a Durance of bloody predation. Spend Glamour and contest Presence + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance to freeze or send fleeing with your gaze. CTL 2e 54
Leechfinger Medicine Secret parasites who drain the life force from others. Spend Glamour in physical contact to inflict a point of bashing damage and downgrade a point of your own damage, or inflict and downgrade two points against a changeling. CTL 2e 55
Mirrorskin Stealth Those whose Durance taught them to empty themselves of their nature, becoming anybody and nobody. Spend Glamour and roll Wits + Subterfuge + Wyrd to remold yourself, both Mask and mien. CTL 2e 55
Nightsinger Expression Sirens and vocalists whose songs once moved the earth of Faerie. Spend Glamour and contest Presence + Expression + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance to root an audience rapt to the spot. CTL 2e 56
Notary Politics Humans used as documents to write the oaths of the Gentry upon, with perfect knowledge of all the oath's clauses. Once a session, preside over a pledge to negate its Glamour cost and memorize its terms. CTL 2e 57
Playmate Persuasion Friends, pets and toys who lived by love and trust even in Faerie. Spend Glamour to heal a subject of non-aggravated damage, assuming it yourself as Clarity damage. CTL 2e 57
Snowskin Subterfuge Those who escaped the grip of Faerie by smothering the warmth within and freezing solid. Spend Glamour and contest Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance to shut someone down, leaving them Shaken and on the outs with fae society. CTL 2e 58