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Disciplines, All

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Disciplines, Core (2nd Edition)

Name Rank Cost Prerequisites Book/Description Dice Pool
Animalism Second Edition Corebook 126
Feral Whispers (•) - Speak with and command animals. Manipulation + Animal Ken + Animalism
Raise the Familiar (••) Turn dead animal into a loyal proto-vampire -
Summon the Hunt (•••) ●● Call animals to a location or target with spilled blood. Presence + Animal Ken + Animalism
Feral Infection (••••) ●● Drives animals, humans and vampires into a frenzy. Presence + Intimidation + Animalism
Lord of the Land (•••••) ●●●○ to ●●●●●●●●●○ Mark territory as own, intruders take penalties. -
Auspex Second Edition Corebook 128
Beast's Hackles (•) - to● Answer questions about weaknesses and danger. Wits + Empathy + Auspex
Uncanny Perception (••) - to ● Answer questions about the targeted characters secrets Intelligence + Empathy + Auspex
Spirits Touch (•••) - Answer questions about the targeted objects secrets Wits + Occult + Auspex
Lay Open the Mind (••••) Telepathy and mind-reading. Invoke conditions. Intelligence + Socialize + Auspex vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
Twilight Projection (•••••) ●● Project own senses into twilight Intelligence + Occult + Auspex
Celerity Second Edition Corebook 130
Celerity (•) to (•••••) (●) Persistent improved defense or dodge. Activate for supernatural speed benefits.
Dominate Second Edition Corebook 131
Mesmerize (•) - Mesmerized Imposes "Mesmerized" Condition. Control with short commands. Intelligence + Expression + Dominate vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
Iron Edict (••) (●) Mesmerized Imposes "Dominated" condition. Give long, detailed commands. -
Entombed Command (•••) - Mesmerized Establish triggers for other dominate powers. Intelligence + Subterfuge + Dominate - victim's Resolve
The Lying Mind (••••) ●● Mesmerized Imposes "Amnesia" or "False Memories" condition. -
Possession (•••••) ●○ Mesmerized Control victims body. Intelligence + Intimidation + Dominate - victim's Resolve
Majesty Second Edition Corebook 133
Awe (•) - Become center of attention. Subjects become "Awed". -
Confidant (••) - Awed Imposes "Charmed" condition. Presence + Empathy + Majesty vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
Green Eyes (•••) Charmed or Enthralled Shift emotions by spending Vitae. Subjects will perform requests. -
Loyalty (••••) ●● Charmed Imposes "Enthralled" condition. Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
Idol (•••••) (●●○) Awed Enhances Awe's effect (free) or immediately (at cost). Cannot be harmed. -
Nightmare Second Edition Corebook 135
Dread Presence (•) - Conjure brief illusions. Improves intimidation. Prevents foes spending willpower.
Face of the Beast (••) Imposes "Frightened" condition. Causes fleeing. Presence + Empathy + Nightmare vs. Composure + Blood Potency
Grand Delusion (•••) ●● Imposes "Delusional" condition. Manipulation + Empathy + Nightmare vs. Composure + Blood Potency
Waking Nightmare (••••) Create and control hallucinations. Presence + Empathy + Nightmare vs. highest Composure + Blood Potency in group
Mortal Terror (•••••) ●○ Frightened or Delusional Imposes "Broken" condition. Do lethal damage with fear. Presence + Intimidation + Nightmare – victim’s Composure
Obfuscate Second Edition Corebook 137
Face in the Crowd (•) - Blend into surroundings, visible but unnoticeable. Hides predatory aura.
Touch of Shadow (••) Cast Face in the Crowd on object or person. Wits + Larceny + Obfuscate
Cloak of the Night (•••) Become invisible.
The Familiar Stranger (••••) ●● Disguise self or other as a desired person.
Oubliette (•••••) ●●●○ to ●●●●●●●●●○ Designate an area. May use obfuscate at a distance on anything in the area at discount.
Protean Second Edition Corebook 139
Unmarked Grave (•) Varies Merge with soil
Predatory Aspect (••) Take on animal traits.
Beasts Skin (•••) ●● Transform into predatory animal.
Unnatural Aspect (••••) Take on a horrific trait
Primeval Miasma (•••••) ●●● Transform into smoke
Resilience Second Edition Corebook 141
Resilience (•) to (•••••) (●) Downgrade damage and increase stamina. Improves armor and defenses.
Vigor Second Edition Corebook 141
Vigor (•) to (•••••) (●) Improve strength.

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item

Disciplines, Coils of the Dragon (2nd Edition)

Name Rating Description Book
Coils of the Dragon
Mystery of the Ascendant
Surmounting the Daysleep Ignore the call of daysleep when the Blush of Life is active. VTR 2e 155
The Warm Face •• The Blush of Life lasts a full day. VTR 2e 156
Conquer the Red Fear ••• Fire and sunlight don't provoke frenzy. VTR 2e 156
Peace with the Flame •••• Take lethal damage from fire when the Blush of Life is active. Resilience reduces this damage to bashing. VTR 2e 156
Sun's Forgotten Kiss ••••• Feed the Blush of Life with Vitae to pass under sunlight as if your Blood Potency were reduced. VTR 2e 156
Mystery of the Quintessence
Forever Mine Claim a domain you've been a presence in for a hundred years. Sense Kindred feeding or killing in your domain without permission. You may lash out at them remotely with the Predatory Aura. TY 81
Home Turf •• Residents of your domain must spend Willpower to resist your feeding. TY 81
Smother ••• Suppress the natural ignition of fires in your domain. +1 to resist or contest supernatural flames there, and spend three Vitae to exert a Clash of Wills to extinguish them. TY 82
In the Motherland's Arms •••• Apply half your Blood Potency as a supernatural Safe Place and Haven effect when sleeping within your domain. In a Haven, add +1 each to the effective Merit ratings. TY 82
Fingers on a Dead Pulse ••••• Spend Vitae to intuit a domain resident's Vice and ignominious Conditions. Experience blood sympathy visions tied to your domain as a whole. TY 82
Mystery of the Voivode
Taste of Fealty Your blood becomes the focus of an addiction twice as powerful as normal. VTR 2e 158
Into the Fold •• Form blood sympathy through the Vinculum. VTR 2e 158
Call to Serve ••• Share more Vitae to advance the Vinculum multiple steps at once. VTR 2e 158
Voivode Undisputed •••• Deny blood sympathy bonuses to target you with Disciplines, and add them to contest bonding and your thralls' Predatory Auras. VTR 2e 158
The Vast Dynasty ••••• The Embrace risks but no longer guarantees detachment. VTR 2e 158
Mystery of the Wyrm
Stir the Beast Spend Willpower to enter a directed frenzy. VTR 2e 157
Beast's Hunger •• During frenzy, use Kindred Senses and the Predatory Aura as if your Blood Potency were increased by your dots in this Coil. VTR 2e 157
Leash the Beast ••• Ride the wave without spending Willpower, with a bonus from dots in this Coil. VTR 2e 157
Beast's Power •••• Lock an oncoming frenzy to last until its goal is complete to add Blood Potency to your Defense, Health, and Speed during the frenzy. VTR 2e 157
Eternal Frenzy ••••• During frenzy, don't fall torpid from damage. When you end a scene in a frenzy, choose whether to extend it into the next. VTR 2e 157
Mystery of Zirnitra
Opening the Third Eye Each dot in this Coil unlocks access to a mortal Supernatural Merit, which must be fed with Vitae and risk dramatic failure. SotC 200
Unleash the Mind •• Willpower costs for Supernatural Merits don't count for your per-turn Willpower use. SotC 200
Embolden Potential ••• Supernatural Merits cost fewer experiences and no Vitae, and may be enhanced with Physical Intensity. SotC 200
The Dragon's Breath •••• Supernatural Merits no longer court dramatic failure, and Willpower can be spent for extra bonus dice. SotC 200
Ascendancy ••••• Suffer aggravated damage to grant the rote quality to a Supernatural Merit. Supernatural Merits no longer need to be unlocked by Coil dots. SotC 200
Mystery of Ziva
Denying the Bane Banes aside from fire and sunlight treat your Humanity as increased by dots in this Coil. SotC 201
Buttress the Soul •• Spend Vitae for a bonus against detachment. SotC 201
Enliven the Anima ••• Spend Willpower to take Raptured instead of a detachment Condition. SotC 201
Embracing the Banes •••• Callous your Humanity with up to your Willpower in banes. SotC 201
Shedding the Beast's Skin ••••• Spend Willpower to shed your vampiric skin, temporarily becoming a living mortal. SotC 201
Scales of the Dragon
Mystery of the Ascendant
Day-Wake Conditioning Use directed insomnia to invert a subject vampire's circadian rhythm. VTR 2e 156
Flesh Graft Treatment •••• Soak skin grafts in human blood to enhance a subject's ability to heal through Vitae. VTR 2e 156
Epidermal Shielding Bath ••••• Submerge a subject vampire in an alchemical bath of blood and reagants to shield them from sunlight as if they possessed higher Humanity. VTR 2e 156
Mystery of the Quintessence
Cold of the Grave ••• Mix a tithe of local Kindred's Vitae with your own and a slurry of ground corpses to share Smother with resident Kindred. TY 82
Codependency ••••• Bury ghouls alive across your domain, anointed with Vitae, to attune the domain to your Aspirations subconsciously and share Fingers on a Dead Pulse with resident Kindred. TY 82
Mystery of the Voivode
Blood Cleansing Ritual Wash a subject of the blood bond with blood and viscera. VTR 2e 158
Sanguinary Invigoration •• Inject a living vessel with an alchemical solution of your blood to permit vampires to feed from the vessel as if at lower Blood Potency. VTR 2e 159
Fealty's Reward ••• Ritually drain and feed a thrall to transform them into a proprietary ghoul for a year. VTR 2e 159
Mass Embrace ••••• Exsanguinate a roomful of people and mix their blood with your own to raise all of them as hungry vampires. VTR 2e 159
Mystery of the Wyrm
Kindred Sense Endowment •• Apply a compound of blood and bone to a mortal subject, imbuing them with temporary Kindred Senses. VTR 2e 157
Augmented Vitae Draught •••• Draw your Vitae out into sterilized equipment to store Physical Intensity in it for mortal drinkers. VTR 2e 157
Surgical Heart Removal ••••• Bypass a vampire subject's circulatory system. The heartless vampire cannot feed, but is immune to staking and may regenerate so long as their heart is intact. VTR 2e 158
Mystery of Zirnitra
Psychic Lobotomy Surgically damage a subject's brain. They lose any Supernatural Merits, but add your dots in the Coil of Zirnitra to resist mental probing or influence. SotC 200
Grafting Unholy Flesh •••• Graft a supernatural being's body part onto a vampire or ghoul subject to steal the use of one of the being's powers. SotC 200
Mystery of Ziva
Bleed the Sin •• Maintain a subject drained of blood to offer them a discount on a dot of an Integrity trait. SotC 201
Siphon the Soul ••• Nearly diablerize a vampire subject to consume a dot of the subject's Humanity. SotC 202
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item

Disciplines, Theban Sorcery (2nd Edition)

Miracle Target Opposition Sacrament Description Book
Apple of Eden 5 ●, apple Infuse a fruit with Vitae. A human who eats the fruit suffers a breaking point, but distributes bonus dots between Intelligence and Wits and can safely perceive supernatural beings on sight for a matter of days. SotC 194
Blandishment of Sin 5 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Victim's written name Upgrades the next strike of bashing damage against the victim before sunrise to lethal. VTR 2e 153
Blood Scourge 6 Before sunrise, conjure a 2L whip of Vitae for a scene. VTR 2e 153
Marian Apparition 5 vs. Humanity Cloth stained by menstrual blood Bless the cloth. When torn, the cloth induces shame through a sacred vision, causing Kindred to risk detachment more easily for a scene. SotC 194
Revelatory Shroud 5 Shroud Display the face of the last person to touch an object or area. SotC 194
Vitae Reliquary 5 Small object Infuse an object with Vitae for a month, which can be extracted as if feeding. VTR 2e 153
Apparition of the Host 6 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Holly switch Bless the switch for a month. When snapped, the switch terrorizes a victim with angelic phantasms, which can be displayed or hidden from other witnesses. SotC 194-195
Bloody Icon 6 Statue of a saint Detach from Humanity in a religious reverie wherein the statue weeps Vitae, then crumbles. SotC 195
Curse of Babel 6 - Resolve Tongue Prevent a victim from communicating until sunrise VTR 2e 153
Liar's Plague 5 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Carapace Subject a victim for one scene to a curse of beetles if they lie VTR 2e 153
The Walls of Jericho 6 Horn Mark a horn with the name of a Kindred subject. For a week, blow the horn and roll Presence + Academics + Theban Sorcery to damage inanimate surfaces between you and the subject. SotC 195
Aaron's Rod 8 Rod Bless the rod. When cast, it becomes a serpent which either obeys its wielder or instructions you gave during the blessing. SotC 195
Baptism of Damnation 6 vs Resolve + Tolerance Silver baptismal font Conceives a healthy dhampir child to a participating vampire and mortal. HD 14
Blessing the Legion 6 (+2/subject) Armor Bless the armor with either your Vitae or the subject's. The subject wearing the armor may heal with its Vitae without counting towards per-turn maximums. SotC 195
The Guiding Star 8 Star chart, gold coins Bless the coins. A person carrying a coin may navigate by the stars to an exclusive place of refuge and blood bounty for a matter of nights. SotC 196-197
Malediction of Despair 13 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Lock of victim's hair Name an action to curse. The victim's next attempt within the month takes a -5 penalty. VTR 2e 154
Miracle of the Dead Sun 6 Silver jewelry Bless the jewelry. When destroyed at the cost of a user's Humanity, the domain is shrouded in rainy night for ten minutes per remaining Humanity dot. SotC 196
Pledge to the Worthless One 8 A contented mortal Swear your soul to Belial for eternity. Choose a deadly sin. Active sinners nourish for twice the Vitae, but those innocent of the sin nourish for half. Always take bonuses as if mid-frenzy. Acquire a familiar, manifest the devil's mark, and lose the benefits of Touchstones. SotC 196
The Rite of Ascending Blood 7 Baptismal font filled with Vitae Harrowing mortification rebirths a revenant as the Kindred childe of a participating sire. Her Humanity returns to 7, her Disciplines are refunded, and she may instantly spend the experiences on appropriate purchases, including clan Disciplines and Blood Potency. HD 78
Blandishment of Sin 8 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Victim's written name Upgrades the next strike of lethal damage against the victim before sunrise to aggravated. VTR 2e 153
Curse of Isolation 15 vs Resolve + Tolerance Edged weapon Elder miracle. Strip a vampire of their bond to a present Touchstone, stealing the Touchstone for your own use. Thou 79
Gift of Lazarus 8 Communion wafer Raise a fresh corpse as a dead servant for a month. VTR 2e 154
Great Prophecy 8 Saint's body part Issue a prophecy to a group of people, foretelling the thrust of their fate within the month, and how it can be averted. SotC 196
Stigmata 5 - Stamina Crucifix Curse a victim to temporarily bleed from stigmatic wounds, causing lethal damage or sapping Vitae. VTR 2e 154
Apocalypse 10 (+5/half mile) Ancient text Exposes signs of supernatural beings' true nature for a week, disrupting obfuscatory and illusory powers. SotC 197
The Judgment Fast 15 Rotten feast Curse the domain for a month. Vampires there only sustain up to their Humanity in Vitae. SotC 197
Orison of Voices 8 Rosary Elder miracle. For three nights, hear speech that invokes your name. Thou 79
Sins of the Ancestors 6 Quantity of victim's blood Elder miracle. For each Potency, ask the Storyteller a simple question about a member of the victim's blood lineage. Thou 79
Transubstantiation 8 vs. Stamina + Tolerance Drop of gold Transmute one substance or being into another until sunrise. VTR 2e 154
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item

Disciplines, Crúac (2nd Edition)

Rite Target Opposition Description Source
Ban of the Spiteful Bastard 6 - Composure Revenants only. Curse your sire to rise without Vitae for your Potency in nights. HD 78
Mantle of Amorous Fire 5 Dance to exhaustion. Add Crúac as a Presence bonus for the night. SotC 184
Pangs of Proserpina 6 vs Composure + Tolerance A victim up to a mile away suffers feelings of intense hunger, provoking frenzy in Kindred. VTR 2e 152
Pool of Forbidden Truths 5 The caster gains the Primeval Truths Condition and experiences a vision. Roll Wits + Investigation + Crúac to interpret. SotC 184
Rigor Mortis 5 - Composure A vampiric victim within a mile stiffens and suffers a -3 Physical penalty. VTR 2e 152
Cheval 5 - Composure Borrow a touched subject's sight and hearing for the rest of the night. VTR 2e 152
Mantle of the Beast’s Breath 5 Dance to exhaustion. Gain the Raptured Condition and add Crúac as a bonus to ride the wave for the night. SotC 184
Hydra's Vitae 5 Transform blood in your system into a poison causing lethal damage, yielding no Vitae when drank. VTR 2e 152
Shed the Virulent Bowels 6 vs Stamina + Tolerance Use a lock of hair or sympathetic link to hang a curse over a living victim for a month. Trigger the curse to cause enough lethal damage to fill the victim's Health. SotC 185
Curse of Aphrodite’s Favor 6 vs Composure + Tolerance Concoct enough potion for three drops to feed a victim over three nights, inflicting a Vinculum to another chosen subject. SotC 185
Curse of the Beloved Toy 6 Slay a victim and trap their soul in a keepsake of theirs, rendering it a cursed item which expends the sorcerous Vitae to plague owners with dramatic failures. SotC 185
Deflection of Wooden Doom 6 Caster becomes immune to staking for one night. VTR 2e 153
Donning the Beast’s Flesh 7 Flay a beast and craft its skin into a garment. Spend Vitae while wearing the skin to approximate the beast's form. SotC 184
Mantle of the Glorious Dervish 5 Dance to exhaustion. Until sunrise, the caster gains a point of armor against all attacks, cannot be ambushed or surprised, and deals an extra point of damage when striking. SotC 185
Touch of the Morrigan 6 Prepare a deadly touch to inflict Potency in lethal damage within the night. VTR 2e 153
Blood Blight 8 vs Stamina + Tolerance Inflict Potency in lethal damage or Vitae loss by scouring blood, often provoking frenzy. VTR 2e 153
Blood Price 8 vs Composure + Tolerance Steal up to Potency in ingested Vitae from a present vampire or ghoul victim for the night. VTR 2e 153
Bounty of the Storm 10 Consume a precious item to prepare a storm that awaits a crowd to strike, dealing your Crúac in bashing damage to the victim and slaying a third of the rest, leaving behind massive wealth. Risk detachment at Humanity 2. SotC 185
Feeding the Crone 10 Deal aggravated damage with your bite, but ingest no Vitae, until sunrise. End early by spending Vitae. VTR 2e 153
Gorgon’s Gaze 7 Roll Presence + Occult + Crúac – Stamina against the first person to see your eyes, petrifying a fifth of their body per success. Petrified Kindred may heal petrifications as severe damage. SotC 185
Manananggal's Working 8 Elder rite. Dismember yourself, willfully animating the severed body parts independently for the night. Thou 78
Mantle of the Predator Goddess 8 Dance to exhaustion. Add Crúac as a feeding bonus and as bonus Herd dots. Any character fed from gains the Raptured Condition. SotC 186
Quicken the Withered Womb 8 Guarantee fertile conception when coupling for the night. HD 14
Willful Vitae 7 Prevent the onset of blood addiction or the Vinculum for the night. VTR 2e 153
Birthing the God 15 Gather body parts to violently birth an undead flesh-eating god with Size a fifth of the Vitae used, Blood Potency a third of the Vitae, and one Skill rating inherited from each celebrant. Spend used Vitae to assign the god dots of Attributes and Disciplines. SotC 186
Denying Hades 8 Disgorge Vitae and suffer a point of aggravated damage to trap a deceased spirit in its days-old body, hung between life and death. SotC 186
Gwydion's Curse 10 Elder rite. Animate plants and trees for a yard per Potency for the night, which roll your Blood Potency to attack and can spend the rite's Vitae to heal themselves. Thou 78
Mantle of the Crone 10 Dance to exhaustion. For the night, inflict Primeval Truths with your visage, and aggravated damage with your touch. Spend Willpower to transmute objects into animals temporarily. SotC 186
Scapegoat 12 - Resolve Elder rite. Feed the ritual Vitae to a mortal vessel. For one night, the mortal suffers any breaking points or inured banes, not you. Thou 78

Disciplines, Bloodline (2nd Edition)

Bloodline Disciplines

Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description
Cachexy Morbus DEC 112-113
Diagnose Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Sense carriers of disease.
Contaminate •• None Render a space a contagion vector for a given disease.
Inflame ••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict penalties by exacerbating a disease's symptoms.
Plague-Bearer •••• ●/turn Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Quickly infect nearby victims with a given disease.
Accelerate Disease ••••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict lethal damage by worsening even a mild sickness.

Bloodline Devotions

Devotion Prerequisites XP Cost Description
Obtenebration Khaibit Onyx Path blog
Udjat - - - / ● You can see in total darkness and can't be blinded by injury or supernatural imposition. Spend Vitae to perceive beings in Twilight for one scene, during which you can't be possessed by strix.
Tyet Vigor •• 2 ●+ Expel darkness out for your Blood Potency times Vitae spent, in yards. You can shape the cloud of shadow, including preexisting shadows within the space of the cloud.
Pseshkf Vigor •• 2 ●+ Coat an object in frozen darkness. Add Blood Potency to its Durability and Vitae spent to its Structure. Coated weapons add one to their weapon rating against physical targets, and apply a weapon rating equal to your Blood Potency to the noncorporeal. You can wield a coated object at a distance through the Tyet, even while immaterial through the Ba.
Ba Obfuscate •• 2 ●●● Grasp a shadow large enough to contain you and don it, becoming darkness yourself. You're treated as a being in Twilight, able to touch (and be touched by) anything else in Twilight. Half your Speed and, whenever you're hurt, take an extra two lethal damage in this state. The Ba offers no protection against fire or sunlight.
Iteru Celerity •• 2 Slip reflexively into a shadow and back out of any contiguous shadow. Once per scene, using the Iteru can grant the rote quality to a Dodge.

Bloodline Merits

Style Rating Maneuver Description
Kerberos Onyx Path blog
The Three Heads of Kerberos This is actually three Style Merits which can be purchased separately, one for each aspect of the Beast: monstrous, competitive, and seductive.
Honing When you lash out with this aspect of the Predatory Aura, add your dots in this Merit as bonus dice.
•• Internalizing You can voluntarily take on the aspect's corresponding Condition (Bestial, Competitive or Wanton).
••• Cowing When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can substitute a form of the Subservient Condition that applies to commands in line with the aspect.
•••• Striking When your actions touch a victim, you can spend Willpower to reflexively lash out with this Merit's aspect.
••••• The Fires of Hell When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can target a number of victims up to your Blood Potency. This is compatible with Striking, but the vector action must touch upon each victim.

Bloodline Gifts

Bloodline Gift Description Book
Kerberos Hounds of Hell When you inflict the Predatory Aura, increase the dice bonus to pursue your aspect of the Beast to your Blood Potency. Onyx Path blog
Neglatu Agah Easily create and sustain a brood of revenants. Onyx Path blog
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item

Disciplines, Other (2nd Edition)

Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description Book
This revenant-oriented Discipline is unavailable to full Kindred, though an older variant, Bereschligost, was once available.
Daily Bread ●● None Consume vitae-soaked bread over a day's course to rise with one Vitae the next night. HD 76
Eating Flies •• None Gain additional Vitae when feeding from animals. HD 76
Predator as Prey ••• None Drink Kindred vitae without risking addiction. Retain half the Kindred vitae, up to your Chary, when you next rise. HD 77
Less Damned Tonight •••• None Predator as Prey retains vitae unhalved, and can drink Kindred vitae from ghouls without killing them. HD 77
Freethinker's Trick ••••• ●●○ Composure + Subterfuge + Chary Resist the onset of the Vinculum. HD 77
Persistent • to ••••• None Add dots in Praestantia to Initiative, and as bonus dice to Dexterity dice pools. TY 29
Active • to ••••• ●(●) None Apply Praestantia as a weapon bonus to all Dexterity attacks in a turn, and/or reflexively divert from a failed violent action into a different violent action. TY 29
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item